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I’m looking for freelance writers who love the game of basketball.

You know who coined the phrase “Ball don’t lie!”, you play pick-up-ball whenever you can, and you follow the NBA closely? Then you are the perfect fit for this job!

I started thehoopsgeek.com about 5 years ago and grew it into a profitable web site and my full-time job. So far I wrote almost all of the blog posts myself, but I am looking for help to scale up the content production!

The Job: 

Your job will be to write articles on evergreen informational topics like “The tallest players in NBA history”, “What positions are there in basketball?” or “The best Basketball movies of all Time” etc. Occasionally, there might be articles that dig a little deeper into statistics, or product articles like “Best gift ideas for Basketball players”.

I will provide clear guidelines on style and structure of the articles. Depending on the topic of the blog post, I will also provide outlines with headings that you can follow.

I will be able to provide stable work as there is an almost infinite amount of topics in the world of basketball and the NBA. I’m planning to publish at least 100 articles in 2022.


  • You should be able to consistently deliver 1-2 articles a week (deadlines are flexible)
  • You are knowledgeable about the game of basketball, the NBA, and know the lingo
  • You have a fun and engaging writing style, personality is encouraged!
  • SEO knowledge is a plus, but not required


  • I will pay 4-6 cents per word depending on the difficulty and amount of research required for an article
  • Consistent workload
  • Articles can be published under your name (with an author box) if wanted

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