Web designer with Photoshop skills

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We are looking for a web designer who is comfortable doing some illustration/graphic design work to support the web design, We’ll be looking for your help with our web design work which revolves around the digital products we create, (sports templates and Mockups).

One of the things we do for every product release is a product landing page, to see the current designs, please go to sportstemplates.net and click on any product to see its landing page.

Usually, we launch one or 2 products per month and we need someone to help us design the landing pages, where almost 50% of the landing page can be templatized, since all of our products landing pages include the same sections, but they require some modifications based on each new product and its features.

You’ll also be working on creating new sections for the website which are currently under development, and we’ll be giving you more info about it later on.

We will be starting this collaboration with a paid project to see how we mesh together, If both parties are happy working together we can turn it into a part-time position, where we can agree on a monthly salary for 20 hours a week.

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