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We’re looking for a highly-skilled Video producer and editor with experience in motion graphics and other relevant video editing techniques.

***But first, some context on us:

Advisable helps companies find and hire world-class freelance talent across 500+ different marketing skills. We provide an excellent service, delivering top talent (average score 9.33/10) to hundreds of top-tier clients including Stack Overflow, Product Hunt, Bigcommerce and Zappos.

Back to the Project:

it involves creating top-notch and unique gaming related video content of various duration and topics, based on client’s input and briefing, mostly for online placement (client’s Social Media and website).

Skills required:

  • Experience with Video editing projects that include various editing techniques, especially an elevated level of motion graphics skill
  • Demonstrated portfolio of similar work with creating branded video material from scratch for brands in entertainment/gaming/sports industry
  • Ability to align with brand values and style and implement it in a series of different videos (from long duration content to brief YouTube ads).

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