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Job Description

The right candidate for the job will have knowledge of standard software development documentation for DISA. You be working in a fast paced environment with up to three development teams at any given time, supporting cybersecurity systems. You will be responsible to help each of the development teams create and maintain a standard set of documentation with each approved software deployment release.

  • Develop and maintain system, programming and operations documentation, procedures, and methods, including reference manuals.
  • Produce workflows (both at the business level and SOP technical level), and produce other program documentation as required.
  • Provide or coordinate documentation services, as required and ensure the accuracy of technical documentation. Compose and finalize IT documentation, including specifications and user manuals in the style and format required by the task.
  • Support the Program’s SharePoint project site by designing, constructing the site using corporate standards and managing all documents in conjunction with the Configuration Manager.
  • Maintain the document library by updating the documents and keeping track of version controls.
  • Manage and maintain documentation standards (processes and style standards).
  • Develop contractually required deliverables by working with development team leads and submit deliverables to customers per an agreed upon delivery schedule. Manage storing of all deliverables and keep track of the deliverable inspection memos from customers.
  • Meet with customer representatives, vendors, program management staff, or government/contractor/CSSS Subject Matter Experts (SME) to establish technical specifications, SOPs, workflows and other related program documentation as required.
  • Develop training slides for the user community as new functionality is released
  • Support the PM with meeting minutes, Sr. Level slides and other tasks as requested
  • 5 years experience with technical writing
  • BS degree in a related field of study
  • Ability to work independently
  • Great communication skills
  • DISA experience desired

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