Tech Writer for YouTube channel

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This position will operate on a freelance contract basis.

Valnet Inc. is looking for a creative remote scriptwriter to produce high-quality content about tech and gaming for our Youtube channel, TheGamer.

Here’s a little window into our company: We are a premiere online media publishing company. With a portfolio of many influential brands in a variety of verticals, Valnet leads the online publishing world. Our overarching goal: distribute editorial and video content to millions of viewers daily across our websites, YouTube Channels, and Social Media platforms.

On top of having a “go-getter” personality, we are looking for someone who has fresh ideas, and wants to learn and take on new challenges as needed. Valnet is always eager to work with innovative minds!


  • Researching and sourcing narratives based on the video’s topic;

  • Sourcing usable photos, clips, and media in the script to be used by the editing team;

  • Creating a short outline before the script – that details the theme of each entry, and links to the relevant research;

  • Able to write an engaging finished script.


  • Previous work in scriptwriting, video, blogging, or similar media;

  • Ability to create an engaging story based off online research;

  • Creative sense of ‘voice/P.O.V.’ in the script;

  • Strong knowledge of video games, consoles, PC gaming, and tech;

  • Good communication and organizational skills (Deadlines, Script organization, Tracking Sources)

Application Requirements:

  • Resume;

  • Demo of your work. (Links to blog, writing work, written videos)

Do you think you’d be a great fit for this role? Are you committed to working alongside a team of motivated and passionate people? If yes, apply today!

**This is a work from home position**

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