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The Human Diagnosis Project (Human Dx) is tackling the planetary-scale problem of access to affordable healthcare for all by building the world’s medical intelligence system.

The largest open medical project, Human Dx unites the nation’s top medical institutions (including the American Medical Association and the National Association of Community Health Centers), academic research partners (including Harvard, Hopkins, MIT, Berkeley, and UCSF), and financial supporters (including the MacArthur Foundation, the Moore Foundation, Andreessen Horowitz, and Y Combinator).

Human Dx has also been honored by the MacArthur Foundation in its inaugural 100&Change competition as one of eight organizations globally with a bold solution to a critical social problem of our time.


We are looking to expand our team with exceptional people who possess a strong sense of social mission. The team includes alumni of leading organizations (e.g., the World Health Organization, the White House, Facebook, McKinsey, and Blackstone) and universities (e.g., Oxford, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley).


As part of our Engineering team, you will help build the fundamental technologies that enable the Human Diagnosis Project.

We’re looking for software generalists who both love working on the nuanced UI details that lead to delight as well as diving into the hard technical challenges involved in building better systems of abstraction for scalability, testability, and modularity. This role requires good product intuition as well as deep engineering expertise.

Your impact:

  • Conceptualizing and architecting effective, robust, and delightful interfaces that enable patients to get the best answers from doctors.
  • Designing solutions using predictive systems to allow physicians to more effectively encode and structure their medical insight as they collaborate to help their patients.
  • Architecting systems to enable real-time collective intelligence between physicians, keeping usability, performance, and security considerations top of mind.
  • Contributing across the software stack (mobile, web, backend, and infrastructure) as well as all stages of the development process.

Your passions:

  • Building technology that improves the world for current and future generations at the intersection of global health, medical knowledge, and open data.
  • Understanding end-user needs and creating experiences that elevate their wellbeing.
  • Rapidly iterating and working in a fast-paced, product-focused environment.
  • Writing prescient, intuitive, and well-tested code to maximize scalability, efficiency, and reusability.

Your background:

  • 3+ years of software engineering experience at top startups or world-class institutions.
  • Experience working and thriving in resource-constrained environments.
  • Deep expertise with modern Javascript frameworks and tooling. Bonus: React, React Native, Kotlin, and/or Swift.
  • Familiarity with Python, Go, Django, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elasticsearch, and/or WebSockets.
  • Very attentive to detail, and have high intuition and empathy toward the user experience.


Start date: Immediate or as soon as possible.

Compensation: Commensurate with experience and comparable roles at other early-stage, social impact organizations.

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