Social Media Coordinator

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Kaul Sales Partners is looking for a social media marketing coordinator to support our growing business. The following values represent the type of person who fits well in our company.

  • Forward Thinking
  • Results Oriented
  • Process Focused
  • Empathetic
  • High Integrity

The job is flex time to start but will turn into a full-time position as you prove your value and the workload merits the need for more support. The following responsibilities are critical parts of the job.

-Become expert in and run all technology systems for our Sales Sherpa division including Slack, LinkedIn, Facebook for Business, G-Suite, ClickFunnels, Outreach, ZoomInfo, Trello, and other systems

  • Work with freelance content, design, and production creators through Upworks, Fivrr, and other systems managing a complex workflow at a high level of quality using Trello
  • Manage social media and communications programs using LinkedIn, Slack, Facebook for Business, YouTube, ClickFunnels, and other marketing systems as we adopt them
  • Moderate and coordinate our Agile Revenue Generation™ Club community keeping members engaged and being the main point of contact for the LinkedIn community
  • Support the build of a new Agile Revenue Generation™ Bootcamp as we design and develop the educational curriculum and course materials, including scheduling, support, and billing

This is an incredible opportunity to join a very progressive company. We subscribe to and adopt all new approaches to work on behalf of ourselves and our team members at all levels of the company.

This includes open book management, opportunity to benefit in company performance, and the chance to run a business or team for those who are able regardless of race, age, nationality, education, or experience.

Please submit a LinkedIn profile and resume, but the most important part of the application is to explain your personal story as it relates to professional experience.

In a cover letter please answer the following questions in detail.

  1. Who are you now?
  2. What were you?
  3. Where are you going next?

We are extremely serious about our values and representation of what you say you can do. You must do what you say you can do and keep all agreements that you make with anybody in or outside the company.

Apply to: [email protected]

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