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Hello! Are you ready to Work from Home and transform your career?

We’re looking for a Senior User Experience Designer to join the CX team at Modus. Want to help our clients build awesome solutions to accomplish their goals and vision? Are you interested in working from home with some of the best talent on the planet? Then keep reading.

About You

You are passionate about exceptionally designed, functional software. As a Senior User Experience Designer, you are a generalist design leader comfortable collaborating with user experience designers, product managers, developers, and stakeholders. You understand the importance of business objectives and are keen to understand your users through research so that you can craft an experience that will successfully solve problems and impact the business.

Your experience includes work on different projects in mobile, web and maybe even AR/VR. You have performed user research to get both a quantitative and qualitative understanding of users. You can think big picture and create user flows, can craft personas representing the different types of users, but really go deep on optimizing behavior in a single screen. You are thoughtful in your approach and can walk us through designs and explain where you changed your own mind or someone else’s in the process. You are open to collaboration and love finding the great idea that hides behind the good ones. You can easily zoom out and in as necessary.

You understand principles of user interface design to know when to use radio buttons instead of checkboxes. You understand how to critique your colleagues’ work and also how to apply their critique to improve your own work. You want to be part of a vibrant CX team who aims to bring state of the art experience design to our client organizations.

You are comfortable running workshops with stakeholders – in real life and ideally online as well. You would be comfortable sitting down with stakeholders who have a vague idea what they want and guiding them through a process to make a detailed prototype that engineers could run with. You can design user research and are adept and finding patterns and expressing that into clear deliverables and ideally into a working application.

Your toolkit likely includes Sketch, InVision, Figma, Photoshop, and maybe even coding web sites. You may even be comfortable designing presentations, motion graphics, or building design systems, or perhaps you want to be. Let us know!

Why Modus Create:

Our Benefits may vary according to the Country you are located in, so please reach out to our recruiter in case you have any questions.

If you become a contractor we offer:

  • Competitive compensation
  • 100% Remote work (could vary according to the client’s needs)
  • Travel according to client’s needs
  • The chance to work side-by-side with thought leaders in emerging tech

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