Senior Java Developer

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This is a remote position. You will be joining 100% remote team.

Bonfire is an ecommerce platform where anyone can design and sell custom apparel online with a no-inventory campaign-based model. Our users range widely, including nonprofits raising money and building brand awareness, content creators engaging their audiences, individuals launching personal fundraisers and everything in between.

We build software that facilitates just about every aspect of buying or selling custom apparel online. Our UX-heavy modules include our self service merchandise design tool and campaign/store setup flows which dovetail into our highly trafficked campaign pages & checkout flows. We also build for the supply chain & logistics side of our business, with portals and services that serve admin, preproduction, design and fulfillment needs.

We are looking to hire a Java Spring Developer. You will be working on our REST API and Angular frontend. We are looking for a long-term relationship and committed individuals to join our team.

About you

  • You can work on a feature from start to finish, communicate about it and ask the right questions.
  • You are comfortable with Java and can confidently write code and see it deployed to production servers.
  • You have an excellent knowledge of Spring (Boot). Alternatively, you are eager to read a book or two on it quickly and feign years of experience during the interview 🙂
  • SQL comes naturally to you and you understand how JPA/Hibernate works.
  • You can tinker with Javascript code and help improve our Angular stack.
  • You are not afraid to SSH into a server and change some configuration files.
  • Your English is proficient.

The role

  • Senior Java developer is responsible for implementing new features, fixing bugs and improving and refactoring code.
  • Most of what we do is web related – many tasks will ask you to implement REST endpoints to achieve some business objectives and connect the dots on the web.
  • Many tasks are not strictly web related and may challenge you in other ways (e.g. data analytics, network communication, database optimization, etc.).
  • You will have a lot of independence and agency while working, but you will communicate with other colleagues daily and often work with them directly to solve coding issues.

The work environment

This is a remote position. You have an amazing opportunity to join our fast growing platform and make it grow even faster.

We offer you outstanding team environment, low stress atmosphere, and an opportunity to advance your career by building amazing things on a modern tech stack.

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