Senior Health & Fitness Editor

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To apply, you must show deep expertise in health and fitness.  This might come in several forms, including but not limited to:

-You have worked as a health and fitness coach or personal trainer in the past

-You have relevant certifications or degrees in exercise science, nutrition, etc.

-You have experience producing content or media for top-tier health and fitness publications.

-You have created a personal brand around health and fitness (podcast, Youtube, blog, Instagram, etc).

-You have competed in a fitness or strength sport (bodybuilding, Crossfit, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, etc)

At the end of the day, you need to prove that you walk the walk with health and fitness, and can call out bullshit when you see it.

About The Job

My company, SL Media, owns and operates a portfolio of content websites focused on providing high-quality, expertly-written content that ranks #1 on Google. Our websites serve various health and fitness niches and drive millions of visitors per month using Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In addition to operating our own websites, we help other health and fitness brands ranging from software to e-commerce companies build and scale their content strategies.

The editor will work across both our own portfolio of websites and client websites (with a primary focus on 1 website).

What Is The Role?

The editor’s job will be to ensure that only the highest quality content is being published.

You’ll have a consistent, flexible flow of work (approx 20 hours/week).  We don’t care when you work, but you should be able to work each day from Monday to Friday.

Your tasks will include:

-Creating content briefs based on a list of keywords (titles, headings, initial article research)

-Assigning articles to writers and ensuring they submit articles on time

-Editing content from writers and requesting edits as needed

-Ensuring content is accurate, engaging, original, and follows our site guidelines

-Publishing the content on WordPress and ensuring basic on-page SEO elements are completed.

-Coordinating (with the help of a virtual assistant) internal links to newly published pieces of content

-Training new writers on how to write for our websites based on our guidelines, as well as continuously coaching existing writers on how to improve.

-Revising older content that is either outdated or have dropped in rankings.


In addition to the experience mentioned above, you must:

-Be able to show prior editing experience within the health and fitness industry (2+ years)

-Have published writing samples on top-tier health and fitness websites where we can view the live article

-Be comfortable using Trello, Google Sheets, Loom, WordPress, keyword research tools, Slack


-Competitive rates

-Consistent workload

-Stable work as part of a high-performing team

-Ability to work alongside other editors who can act as peer mentors

-A long-term engagement that you can count on

-Ability to increase hours over time if desired

To apply:

Fill in an application form here:

You’ll be asked for your editing rate in the application.

Once receiving your application through the link above, we’ll reach out to candidates to complete a paid test assignment. If the test assignment was completed successfully, you’ll be invited for an interview.

We’re looking to have someone in this role by the first week in January.

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