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Here at Clerky, we build software to make legal paperwork easier for startups and their attorneys. We’re profitable and growing sustainably. We’re the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to form, and are also used by many top-tier startups for hiring and fundraising.
As a Senior Customer Operations & Writing Specialist at Clerky, you will be the voice of the company to thousands of startup founders, investors, and attorneys. These customers use Clerky to get critical legal paperwork done, often on a tight timeline. Our success is based on word-of-mouth, so we have a strong culture of providing world-class service (ask us about our satisfaction ratings!). We are rabidly customer-centric.
What Makes Customer Operations Different at Clerky
It’s a lot harder here. Helping our customers can be unusually challenging due to the nuanced and specialized nature of their questions. Doing the job well can require a lot of iterative feedback, so we’re looking for someone who thinks critically about their writing and is always looking for ways to improve. Along the way, you’ll also pick up a lot of knowledge about startups and startup law.
The challenges never stop. The level of learning and craftsmanship that goes into writing responses to our customers requires intense focus. If you’re looking for the kind of position where you can easily master all the information at the beginning and work in a way that does not require intense focus, this position will probably not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, if you love learning and constantly challenging yourself, this position could be a good fit for you.
There are often no right answers. We’re often not able to provide definitive answers to the questions we receive. In many cases, the best we can do is to equip our customers with the information they need to be able to figure out the right answer on their own, or to understand that it isn’t possible to figure out what the right answer is. If you prefer an environment more oriented around providing definitive answers, this position may not be a good fit for you.
You can build a better career here. Both our founders have substantial experience in customer operations, and consider it integral to driving revenue and growth. As a result, we’re looking for someone who genuinely loves helping others and is dedicated to a career in customer operations. There is substantially more opportunity for growth (including with regard to compensation) and advancement within customer operations at Clerky than at most other companies. Because of the investment we make in customer operations, this role will not be a good fit if you are looking to use it as a stepping stone to other departments.

Minimum Requirements

    • Genuine love for helping people
    • High emotional intelligence
    • Logical / analytical thinker
    • Exceptional written English communication skills, including the ability to write precisely and succinctly
    • Extremely detail-oriented
    • Comfort with working remotely and independently
    • Technologically savvy – you should be confident in your ability to use new software without training
    • Appreciation for giving and receiving feedback often (often several times a day)
    • Natural internal motivation to constantly strive for excellence in everything you do
    • Dedication to a career in customer operations
    • 1 year+ of experience in customer support at a startup
    • 2 years+ of experience in email-based customer support (not phone or chat)
    • 1 year+ of experience working remotely

How We Work

    • Clerky has been remote-first for many years, long before the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re very familiar with working remotely, and enjoy it.
    • Our team is small, so everyone’s contributions matter. We work efficiently, autonomously, and with great respect for each other.
    • We work openly and collaboratively. We’re here to support you in being successful in this role. You’ll work closely with other team members to ensure our customers are getting the best possible support and experience.
    • Everyone on our team works hard, and we trust team members to know what will help them be most productive. Schedules are flexible as long as there is adequate team coverage.
    • We want to help you grow, so we have a budget for books, courses, tools, or whatever other educational resources you need to be successful.
    • We offer top-of-market compensation and benefits, reasonable hours, and the opportunity to learn a lot while helping our customers through an exciting time in their lives.


    • Writing thoughtful and empathetic replies to customer emails using our help desk software, Help Scout
    • Writing and maintaining help center articles, and identifying topics for new articles based on customer inquiries
    • Working with our service providers to submit various government filings on behalf of our customers
    • Working with our engineering team to debug software issues our customers encounter
    • Using our software to develop and manage new ways for our customers to complete legal paperwork
    • Assisting product team by testing new features and bug fixes, and conveying customer feedback
    • Spotting trends in customer issues that other team members should be alerted to
This is a 100% remote position.  You’ll be able to work from home (or from anywhere else).  We offer top-of-market compensation and benefits, reasonable hours, and reasonable customers.  No legal experience or background is necessary or preferred.

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