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Current enables income-conscious consumers to earn additional income from their everyday habits. The larger organization is split into cross-functional product teams. The Engagement team consists of 3 Android Engineers, 2 Backend Engineers, 1 QA Engineer and 1 Product Manager. We’re focused on increasing daily users’ earning, improving onboarding, and ultimately increasing retention.

In the past 2 months, we have…

  • increased retention by 30%
  • increased user payouts by 65%
  • stamped-out fraudulent/bot usage
  • improved infrastructure to support a huge increase in growth (over 220,000 people earn through our products each day!)

This work, combined with the hard work from our peers in the Revenue Team, has led to over a 3x increase in user lifetime value! By the end of the year, we hope to have sustainably grown to over 400,000 DAU.

We operate in 2-week sprints, release Android updates weekly, and control specific functionality through a powerful split testing and feature flagging system. Our Product Managers are committed to measuring and quantifying the impact of every change before we move on.

The team varies between working collaboratively and independently. We want everyone to feel encouraged to take a feature from idea through development and post-release all on their own. But, some problems are best solved together, in which case pair programming, whiteboarding sessions, and discussions are frequent.

Current has 15 engineers out of 32 people in total, distributed around the world (including Chicago, Mexico, California, Argentina, and Croatia). The Engagement team is based in Chicago, Hermosillo, Juárez, Mexico City, and Seoul.


We rely heavily on the following technologies:

Role Expectations

You’ll be joining the Android team, working on one (or more!) of the key product areas. The specific projects will vary each sprint. As a member of the backend team, you’ll find yourself…

  • taking projects from planning through technical implementation, deployment, and post-deployment.
  • be a strong advocate for unit/integration testing
  • writing high-quality, stable, maintainable, and well-tested code.
  • switching between working solo and collaboratively to complete projects quickly.
  • meet and work with the product team to understand the customer’s needs.

We are looking for an additional senior-level Android engineer to join the team.

We offer a generous salary based on experience and location, stock options, and bonuses.

We’d love to talk with you if…

  • the company and projects excite you!
  • you’ve built large, world-class Android apps, preferably in Kotlin.
  • you’re passionate about automated testing and continuous delivery.
  • you’re excited to level-up our testing, debugging, and product quality.
  • you’re excited to deliver high-quality features at a fast pace.
  • you’re a direct and empathetic’re comfortable with a little chaos. We’re a fast-growing product and team, so we’re constantly making improvements when process/technical issues come up.

Interview Process

The process is normally a 30-minute phone interview, a 2-hour technical and management interview, 1 hour interview with a Product Manager, and 30 minute final-round exec/VP interview.

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