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In 2020 Yaro is launching a brand new blog project focused on long-form reviews and Q&A contributed by the public.

This is a startup company with grand ambitions to help people make more informed decisions when buying products and services that are more complex in nature.

To start, our focus is business software email autoresponders, shopping carts, and website building tools.

Our Objective

To create the most in-depth and helpful reviews of the most popular business software tools, as determined by keyword research.

We’re not looking for your standard short style product review, or what you might find on Capterra or Trustradius, which are heavy on facts and features, light on stories and experiences.

Bloggers write the best reviews, and that’s our goal to write reviews like bloggers write. We create reviews using a combination of our own research and product testing, and by sharing customer stories and opinions we collect through interviews.

Our objective is to provide the kind of review that answers all the most common questions a reader has about a product so they don’t need to look elsewhere. They will know what they want to purchase after reading our reviews, so they won’t need to go back to Google.

We will have the best answers to the questions people ask.

Your Role

  • Your tasks are to be a researcher/product tester and journalist/interviewer to gather the necessary information to then write an in-depth review.
  • Your reviews will feature in-product demonstrations (videos, screenshots and/or descriptions) that explain how the product can be used, and quotes and mini case study stories from the people you interview and the research you conduct about the product.
  • These mini case studies should act as customer experience stories, revealing real-life use-cases showing what kind of results can be realized with the tool, and how it was used by this person.
  • You will also be responsible for developing a review template formula, and refining it over time as we learn what kind of reviews work best. This formula will be followed for all reviews, so we can offer consistent, high-quality content.

What You Will Be Doing:

  • Making sure project goals are reached within a timeframe and on budget
  • Researching what are the most common questions asked about a product to make sure you cover them in your review
  • Designing a template formula for review structure and refining it based on feedback from our audience
  • Researching what users of products say indirectly (social media discussion, comments, other reviews) and directly (interviews) to feature as stories in your reviews
  • Writing, editing, formatting and publishing your reviews in a timely manner, and responding to comments and questions that come in about the products you review
  • Asking people you interview and feature in your reviews, to share them with their audience to help us reach more people

Your Skills

  • Primarily this is a writing and research role.
  • You will need to understand the key questions people ask about a product, what they hope to achieve with it, what alternatives they could consider, what are the common problems with that type of product and what makes one product a better choice than another, given a set of circumstances.
  • In short, you need to understand the products, people and problems in a specific industry, so you can write as an insider.
  • To gather this knowledge you need to be a good researcher, question asker, and a quick-study when it comes to getting a broad feel for a marketplace.
  • You will also need to be a good product tester. Efficiency and effectiveness are important. You can’t spend too long learning how to use a tool, but you need to spend long enough to learn the most important pros and cons and what makes it a better or worse choice based on key criteria.
  • Your writing style should be natural, like a conversation, friendly and informal.
  • Basic web publishing skills using WordPress, Canva, etc are also required as you will be formatting and adding media to reviews before publishing.
  • You must be a self-starter, able to work independently to meet review quotas and be an excellent communicator.
  • This is not a job for someone who just wants instructions to follow. You will need to solve problems independently with your own creativity and understand the big picture goals we are working towards.

Ideally You Have:

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills and fluent English
  • Good attention to detail and a knack for picking up spelling and grammar mistakes
  • General familiarity with leading business software, what problems they solve, and how entrepreneurs can use them
  • Experience writing reviews for online publications, blogs, etc
  • The ability to problem solve when facing information-gaps
  • A passion for technology, in particular online software and tools
  • An entrepreneurial background, so you understand what entrepreneurs are striving for
  • A good computer, smartphone and reliable internet connection


This is a new startup in 2020 and you are joining a small team led by Yaro. You will work directly with Yaro, five days a week, communicating through Slack and voice calls as required.

This a remote position, so you can work anywhere in the world provided you have your own computer equipment and reliable access to the internet.

The role is initially part-time on a trial basis but has the potential to become full-time for the right person. It will take time to get to know you and your work and make sure you take ownership of the role. You will also receive bonuses as we hit milestone goals.

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