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Are you passionate about renewable energy and living a more sustainable lifestyle?

If you have expertise with green-living and sustainability topics (such as solar, renewables, recycling, living off-grid etc) and love writing and blogging then we need to talk.

We’re a small media company that runs a number of blogs that reach millions of readers annually.

We’re looking for a skilled freelance writer to join our editorial team for, a website that’s all about teaching people how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We’ve got big plans to invest in and grow the website so you’ll be part of an exciting, growing project with a bright future.

We cover a wide range of topics related to sustainability. You don’t have to already be an expert in all of them, but you should have some knowledge and experience in this area, and be willing to research and teach yourself about different topics.

You’ll be part of a wider team, but you’ll be working primarily with the managing editor who will assist by providing feedback, creating briefs and overseeing the editorial process. As such, you’ll need to be able to listen to constructive criticism and make changes accordingly – as well as bring fresh ideas to the table.  We’ll give you a consistent, flexible flow of work alongside world-class editorial tools to ensure you’re able to produce the very best content with minimal bottlenecks.


What we’re looking for

  • We’re looking to hire a long-term writer who can contribute regularly to our blog.
  • You should have some experience working in or writing about alternative energy, sustainability, and/or green living.
  • You should be able to contribute 3 articles (total 5000 words) per week.
  • You should be able to write original, well-researched, entertaining, informative, and actionable content.
  • You should know how to structure articles in a way that makes logical sense, and be able to present complex information in a coherent, engaging way.
  • You should HATE fluffy, overwritten content that never gets to the point!
  • You should have excellent written communication skills and the ability to work remotely
  • You should be willing to listen to editor feedback and apply changes to articles where necessary
  • You must be a native English writer


Benefits of writing for us

  • Competitive freelance rates between $0.05-$0.08 per word depending on your experience
  • Get paid on time every fortnight via Paypal or Wise
  • Regular, ongoing writing work in an exciting niche
    Flexible deadlines
  • Stable work as part of a high-performing team
  • Build your profile with full author credit and a bio on our website once you are successfully established

What you’ll write about

We cover a wide range of topics related to renewable energy and sustainable living. The focus is on helping everyday people live more sustainably.

  • Common types of articles include detailed guides, product reviews & comparisons,  lists and tips, and answers to common questions.
  • Each article will be between 1000-4000 words and needs to be well-researched, so you’ll be able to sink your teeth into a topic.
  • You’ll be assigned topics and provided a detailed brief to follow so that you can focus on writing the most interesting, informative articles possible.
  • Proper US spelling and grammar are mandatory. Note we only require our writers to write the content, no web formatting or design is required.

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