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Greenback Expat Tax Services is a company that specializes in preparing tax returns for Americans living overseas. We are a highly energetic, positive, resourceful team working virtually across the globe. We believe that executional excellence is key to success. We are currently seeking a talented, passionate, enthusiastic Sales and Customer Champion to join our teamAs a business, our DNA and core is about excellence in customer experience plus we’re in a big period of growth for the business, so we see this role as one of the most integral ones on our team.

The role has two critical and interrelated, but distinct responsibilities. You need to be passionate, experienced and talented at both.

Customer Care:

We call this role a “customer champion” for a reason- your role is to be the customer advocate and champion for our business. Good customer service seeks to understand a customer’s situation and help them resolve that situation at the first point of contact. Great customer service seeks to resolve that customer’s need, and translate that need back to the business to ensure that we improve- sometimes in tiny ways- and avoid any customer having a similar confusion moving forward. Incredible customer service does not just that, but seeks to listen to what’s not being said, read between the lines and take that back to make the experience better- for that customer and every one after that one. We believe our customers deserve incredible customer care. So, if you do too, and you love to help people, can’t stand the idea of anyone ever being confused or have anything other than a surprisingly delightful experience working with us, we’d love for you to apply.


In the same way that we care deeply about customer experience, we also understand that in order to win that business, we need to earn the trust of prospective customers. That’s not easy (nor should it be!). We know that when someone starts the process of engaging a tax preparer, they may feel anxious, they may feel frustrated, and they may dread the process. Taxes aren’t at the top of their list, and they need us to make it easy for them, but also make them feel confident that we are in control of their tax needs. The right sales person doesn’t just answer a question, but help to really explain and articulate what makes Greenback special and why we’re a great fit compared to other alternatives. The right sales person can speak intelligently about taxes, about how we work, about the strength of our accountant team and do so in a genuine, not pushy way. Timeliness, appropriate feedback, good knowledge of the industry as well as our internal process are all critical to the role.

Last- but certainly not least- we’re looking for someone who’s a great fit for our company culture. We’re a small, tight knit team- all of us working remotely from home offices. We’re growing fast (check us out on the INC 5000 list- whoohoo!). We’re obsessive about customer experience, believe that planning is the key to success, and like to work hard and make things happen- but also live our lives outside of the (home) office too! We’re looking for someone who is confident, reliable, an excellent communicator, loves working in a fast-paced team, and is able to get things done with minimal supervision (we don’t like looking over your shoulder- and don’t think you’d like that either).

Key skills needed:

  • Excellent communication skills (does that go without saying?). You will mostly be speaking with people via email (80%), with some phone calls (20%). You need to be able to read between the lines and craft messaging that is warm, friendly, professional and really meets the need of the specific demands of that email interaction.
  • The ability to convert warm leads at a high volume by setting proper expectations, providing thoughtful responses, and clearly outlining next steps.
  • Ability to identify opportunities to add value by monitoring industry changes, trends and customer needs.
  • Use analytics to manage and measure your success, know where to put additional effort, and prioritize. That means you need to be someone who can manage to targets, metrics, and can analyze these metrics, understand what they mean, and make good decisions as a result.
  • Excellence in execution: Attention to detail and ability to keep organized/juggle multiple things at once. We’re a seasonal business, so there are times when our inboxes are on fire! This is part of the role, and being organized, handling stress well and being able to juggle high demand situations comes with the territory.
  • We don’t expect you to be an accountant, but you will need to learn and become a subject matter expert on US expat taxes.
  • Bonus: current or former expat, or someone who appreciates or gets excited about the expat life.
  • Time zone: we’re looking for someone who is in a fixed time zone +/- 2 hours from GMT. We’re not looking for long term travelers/people who aren’t in the same time zone most of the year.

What we offer:

  • The opportunity for you to work with highly talented, communicative, make-it-happen people who also love adventure.
  • Very generous time off policy.
  • 4 weeks of Paid Parental Leave at 100% of your salary!
  • We have an excellent benefits package that includes a 401k plan (with company match), medical, vision, and dental coverage (We pay 75% of your premium) and short-term disability (We cover 100% of the cost)!
  • Annual team trip (this year: San Diego, last year: Playa del Carmen, Mexico)


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