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We are looking for a hard working genius to work on an amazingly innovative technology and advance our company to the next level.  Not too much to ask right?  OK, the genius is not a requirement but the hard work and experience is. is looking for a Sr./Principal Data Scientist.  The actual title can be flexible but we are looking for a “roll up your sleeves and do work” type of individual contributor.  Ideally you have experience in startup environments where you have to do a lot yourself but still communicate everything to the team from the CEO down to Jr. members.  This will not be a laid back manage a team type role.  This will be a hands on position with a ton of influence and importance.  You will do a lot, but you will also learn a lot and have a lot of support and encouragement as this is a vital piece of the business.  This is the kind of role that can exponentially grow your skill set and your career.

The tech stack you will be working with is:

  • Languages: Python, Java
  • Data: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, Kafka/Avro, S3
  • Frameworks: AWS Sagemaker, Kubeflow, flask, Spring
  • Cloud Technologies: AWS, CodePipeline, Lambda, Kubernetes, Microservices, Docker
  • Libraries: Pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, Scipy, Numpy, etc
  • VCS: Git/Github


  • Scope project requirements and architecture.  You will have a Data Science Phd consultant to bounce ideas of off as well as support from the Engineering Team.
  • Successfully build out the project roadmap
  • Diving in at key points to contribute technically (e.g., in data modeling/engineering/AI)
  • Preparing/presenting final deliverables to internal stakeholders (CEO, COO, Director of Engineering)  at project updates and final delivery


  • Experience in design, researching, and deploying data products (specifically, machine learning pipelines/APIs, dashboards). Through these projects, you will have developed an experience in working with clients to scope out projects and in presenting your research and final deliverables.
  • Phd/Masters preferred plus 5 years of experience, or Bachelors and 8+ years of experience in relevant fields.
  • Experience in a startup/Entrepreneurial type environment.
  • Communication Skills – This will be a remote position.  We have all of the tools in place for constant communication (Zoom, Slack, etc.) but you must be willing and able to communicate with the team remotely.  Ideally at least 5 hours in the PST 9am – 5pm timezone to ensure proper communication with the team.

Technical skills

  • Machine learning algorithms
  • Statistical modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Causal inference
  • SQL
  • Working with various RDBMS (e.g., Postgres, MySQL) and distributed data systems (e.g., Spark, Hive)
  • Data infrastructure and systems
  • Python engineering
  • Cloud services (e.g., AWS)

Client skills

  • Scoping project requirements
  • Translating requirements into a project development roadmap
  • Creating deliverables (e.g., decks, software, documentation)
  • Leading project meetings


  • Experience creating and explaining the differences of various machine learning models and when to use them.
  • Participation in Kaggle competitions (and in this case, please let us know which ones and how well did you do!).
  • Experience in ad-tech.

What Zeeto can offer you

  • A chance to work with an amazing collaborative team yet be remote anywhere in the world.
  • Health Insurance — Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA, 401k, UNLIMITED PTO, etc
  • An optional office space (if desired) in San Diego with free coffee, espresso, snacks, juice, soda, beer and more..
  • Tons of remote perks including virtual happy hours, games, workout sessions, all company meetings and more to come!
  • An open collaborative office/virtual office with a fun, hard-working, start-up vibe.  You can be a huge part of the company while also learning a ton and growing your career.   Many of our employees have gone on to start their own businesses after learning from us!

Interview Process

If it seems like you are a good fit we will send you a project or “test” to review your skills.  We have found that this is especially relevant in this role as it is hard for us to gauge your skill set by simplifying talking it through.  We understand that some people will not be open to this process which is why we want to be transparent on the front end.

Get to the front of the Line

  • This is a highly competitive position and we will have a ton of applicants.  In order to stand out, let us know the following info in a cover letter or note when you apply.
  • Provide a brief summary of your overall experience.
  • Why are you looking?
  • How quickly are you available to start?
  • What are your salary requirements?

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