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We currently have 2 positions available for writers that can produce outstanding, well-researched product reviews related to photography gear and related equipment.

We are looking for a photography enthusiast who is good at researching products (Amazon reviews, product specifications, etc, and has a sound knowledge of photography.

We’re looking for writers that:

  • Have a sound understanding of photography.
  • Can research and write specific product reviews or roundup style reviews.
  • Photography/camera gear knowledge is a huge plus.
  • Must be able to research/summarise existing information found online (on product pages, reviews, etc), then add a personal opinion.

About Us

We’re a leading night photography site that continually produces high quality info and tutorial articles. We are now looking to add 2 team members to focus on producing high quality review-type articles, to help readers decide which products are best for them.

What we’re offering:

This is a long-term position with our team, and as such we’re not looking for “one-off” writers. We’re looking for someone who loves the idea of being part of a stable team with consistent, flexible work.

You’ll be given article structures/content templates to follow for your articles, so you won’t need to guess. You’ll know exactly what we’re looking for in each article.

Each article will generally be around the 2000 word length, discussing the given topic. Example topic: “Best DSLR cameras for beginners”.

Content will be published as a ghost writer (though attribution and author profiles with a backlink are available to long term writers), and you will receive excellent feedback (if earned) with potential to be kept on as a long term contractor.


  • Must have photography product review samples (reviews, roundups, comparisons, etc.)
  • Your English fluency must be flawless. Native speakers/writers preferred. Grammar, punctuation & spelling must be completely accurate.
  • Willingness to research thoroughly on given products.
  • Fun, creative & interesting writing style to keep the reader engaged, written in natural language as a “friendly expert”.
  • Have the ability to work remotely and independently, while meeting deadlines.
  • Please mention any Photography experience you may have in your application.


  • Offering a rate of 5 cents a word ($100 USD per 2000 words).
  • Consistent workload every week: 3000 – 4000 words (or more!), How much can you handle?
  • Flexible deadlines / remote work
  • Stable work as part of a high performing team
  • We already have the next 12 months content schedule all planned, so stable work for the right person.

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