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Job Description

We’re a blog in the digital marketing/online business niche that’s looking for someone who is just as infatuated with these topics as we are.

The content we create is top-tier.  In other words, very well-written and detailed articles in the industry that are seen from hundreds or even thousands of people.

Many of our articles are 1500-2000 words, but we also create epic content that can be 5000, 7000, or even 10,000+ total words!  We provide you with a guide/template to work from, and you take it from there.

Who Are You (Hopefully)?

A nerd.

But really, if you’re like us, you’re a total nerd for this digital marketing/online business stuff and we love you for it.

A few other things we need you to be:

  • Excellent researcher
  • Native English Speaker/Writer
  • Competitive (To beat our competitor articles in the SERPS of course!)
  • Willing to learn and adjust to constructive criticism
  • Okay with ghostwriting articles.
  • Someone who wants a long-term relationship (It’s cool if you’re already married, we mean a professional relationship)

Who Are You Not?

  • A writing generalist who writes about many topics and has written from time-to-time in this niche.  (We’re sure you’re a good writer, but we want someone who really enjoys this stuff.)
  • Someone who misses deadlines (Our #1 pet peeve, just don’t do this.)
  • Someone who plagiarizes content (We run everything through various tools, this won’t end well for you.)
  • Someone who hates writing.  (Why are you here?)

Things to Know About Us:

  • We pay competitive rates
  • We pay you on time, every single week, like clockwork.
  • We’re 100% remote
  • Our platform is highly respected and reputable
  • We respect you both as a writer and a person.  You aren’t just an “employee” to us, you’re part of our team.
  • We’ll give you a consistent workload each week
  • We aren’t your babysitter (We assign work, you complete work on time.  Everyone is happy)
  • We’ll give you a free Grammarly login if you don’t have it.  (Makes editing easier, and makes you a better writer.)
  • You’ll like us.  Really.  Our employees enjoy their time here and have nothing but good things to say.

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