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Are you a native English writer who likes to create exciting stories based on current events, news, and controversial or trending topics? We are looking for writers with a flair for creativity and a knack for finding a great story from various sources such as Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, News, or other content websites.

Our niche is real estate, so your stories can be very broad if you can tie them back to something a homeowner would find interesting. For example, a story about a fun house for sale, a new hack for around the house, crazy neighbor complaints, really anything that you can turn into a fun-to-read story.

The way it works is simple: you curate or find something that is online (Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, News, press release, or other fun websites) that you can turn into a fun story with an angle that gets the reader’s attention. Then you craft a killer headline, and then you write the story.

Here’s an example of one that is based on a Reddit thread and turned it into a story

Here’s an example of one that is based on a TikTok and turned it into a story

These articles will be short (600-1000 words), high quality, not plagiarized, and written without AI.

We will get you started with a few topics, and then once you turn in a few articles successfully, you will be responsible for finding the article ideas on your own.

We pay $15/article for the first 30 days, and if your articles meet our expectations, then the pay will increase to $20/article. If you can consistently produce high-quality articles that get a lot of page views and newsletter subscribers, we can increase pay or discuss bonus structures.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

You will be paid weekly through PayPal (you can add a 3% processing fee), and we are looking for writers who can do 5-10 weekly articles.

Your interview will be to write an article free of charge. This will allow us to review and assess your abilities as a writer.

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