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Animalz is a content marketing agency that strives to create the best content on the web. We help companies—particularly B2B SaaS businesses—grow by making great content that their audience loves.

Our focus is on long-form, written content that helps companies educate their audience (executives, managers, and other specialized professionals in their field) on strategies and tactics for being successful in their work.

This role blends technical knowledge and experience with best-in-class writing for customers. In addition to high-quality writing, successful candidates should be able to learn new topics quickly and be comfortable asking questions to better their understanding of technical subject matter, including software development, programming languages, user experience (UX), and open source software (OSS).

The Technical Content Marketing Manager will help ideate and produce a variety of technical content, including blog posts, tutorials, product walkthroughs, and high level thought leadership pieces. This role reports to a content strategist, and also works closely with one or more of our editors.

You’re a fit for the Technical Content Marketing Manager role if:

  • You have 1-2 years of experience with software development or developer advocacy/relations
  • You’re interested in content marketing as a career
  • You have experience writing long-form technical content (1,500 words or more), including tutorials, software documentation, and/or blog posts
  • You understand how developers think and talk, and can translate that into accurate, compelling, engaging content for a variety of audiences
  • You participate in the development community, e.g. you contribute to open source projects, comment on discussions in groups, and/or write content for other websites
  • You’re able to work with and write about widely used programming languages, infrastructure technologies, and software tools
  • You’re well-organized and independently motivated
  • You have excellent time management skills
  • You love working directly with customers and/or stakeholders
  • You have experience interviewing subject matter experts, and using their quotes or expertise as a resource for your content
  • You want to improve your writing by working closely with an editor
  • You have knowledge of, or direct experience with, on-page SEO

About Animalz:

We’re a fully remote organization with team members scattered around the world. We have an eclectic team of scientists, journalists, operations folks, and more.

Animalz recognizes that the best content in the world can’t be created without input from a wide variety of perspectives and experiences. As such, we are committed to diversity and equal opportunities for all employees. We do not discriminate in candidate screenings, interviews, or employment on the basis of factors including race, ancestry, religion, gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, age, parental status, political association, military history, or any other status protected by law.

About our benefits:

  • Work from anywhere you like, as long as you have regular overlap with Eastern Time business hours and can be available for customer calls
  • Health insurance, covering 80% of the premium for health and 99% for vision and dental
  • 20 paid days off per year
  • Unlimited sick and personal days
  • Parental leave for both primary and secondary care providers
  • Monthly health and lunch stipends
  • Learning opportunities like internal workshops, talks, and attending conferences

If you have questions or need assistance during the application process:

If you have a question about this role that hasn’t been answered here, or would like to ask about workplace accommodations, please reach out to workwithus @ Thank you!

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