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Vaadin is a growing, commercial open source company. We are on a mission to help developers build web applications that end users love. We started in 2000 with an idea for making web development easier. Today, 150 000 developers around the world are using our Java-based open source UI framework and commercial tools for creating web applications. We are passionate about user experience and technology. We believe every user is entitled to enjoy the simplicity, beauty and performance of great UX, and it should be easy for any developer to deliver these with our tools.

Hello Designer,

Vaadin’s Design Team is looking for a new senior-level (3–5 years of exp.) team member. Our team has a holistic responsibility to ensure the quality and consistency of the Vaadin experience – including our brand, communication, product and customer journeys.

We operate with a centralized partnership model: Designers are dedicated to specific teams across the organization but report directly to the Head of Design. This greatly improves clarity and collaboration between Designers, and increases our team’s awareness and flexibility.

As a Marketing Designer, you will be dedicating most of your time to work with Vaadin’s Marketing teams. Marketing’s mission is to win over the minds and souls of software developers, teach and inspire our users and customers about the value we provide, and drive the expansion of our community.

Marketing Designer’s role in a nutshell

  • Support Marketing teams in identifying new design opportunities
  • Plan and prioritize design work in collaboration with the teams
  • Explore, validate and deliver design work to our different channels
  • Ensure our customer experience is consistent across all touchpoints and consistently of top quality

Skills you need to succeed in the role

  • Insightful understanding of developer mindset: You don’t have to be a software developer, but you should know how developers think, and how to get and maintain their attention.
  • Design for conversion: You approach your work through funnels and conversion points, and follow conversion rates, bounce rates and other relevant data.
  • Visual design: You know how to create aesthetically pleasing, simple, delightful, accessible, consistently on-brand visuals across all devices and channels.
  • Customer journeys: You know your customers, and how to design experiences tailored exactly for their needs.
  • Remote team player: You are an efficient and great communicator regardless of geographical distance or time zones.

How we work

  • Design in sprints: We plan and deliver design work in 2-week sprints. Work is peer reviewed and presented regularly to ensure high quality and consistency.
  • Double diamond: Our design processes are based on understanding the problem, defining the goals, exploring the solution space, and delivering the results in a timely manner. All of this happens transparently in close collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Primary tools: Figma, G Suite, Slack, ClickUp, GitLab, and occasional Adobe CC tools. Everything we do is online.

What we offer

  • A friendly, supportive, open-minded Design team
  • Free choice of work equipment
  • Flexible working hours and remote work
  • A comprehensive relocation package should you need one
  • Competitive salary and benefits

What we’d like to know about you

  • How you have succeeded previously as a Marketing Designer
  • Portfolio of your best, recent, relevant design work (online or PDF)
  • 3–5 years of professional design experience (include your CV with referrals)

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