Lead Generation Manager

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Role Marketing campaign creation and management focused on lead generation.

You need knowledge of Salesforce (or similar, such as Hubspot) automation (with Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Marketo, or similar) and 2+ years working in digital marketing to minimally qualify.

We’re building apps that make life easier for Salesforce users. We move quickly, and we’re a supportive team. Our sales and marketing folks are united as ONE team nicknamed #Growth. No silos here. You’re expected to pull your own weight, start on day one with knowledge of marketing using Salesforce, and a great ability to connect with other people, (oftentimes through memes and GIFs) while never just saying ‘yes’ to something you don’t agree with. We promote voicing opinions across all topics. You’ll learn a ton, get challenged, and enjoy who you work with (else you won’t fit in!). We’re now in 6 countries and 9 US states, so you’d better be open-minded!

Location Remote – in the US

You will be responsible for contributing to the increase of # of leads in our funnel.

  • Set up, manage and optimize marketing campaigns that span across multiple channels.
  • Share content with our audiences (blogs, social media posts, ads, etc) that drive leads.
  • Use marketing automation tools (Pardot or similar apps) to create and send emails, landing pages, etc. Set up lead scoring system and other ways to identify and send initial communications to top, qualified leads for the sales team.
  • Work with the team to brainstorm new funnels for lead generation through partner and inbound channels.
  • Review and fine-tune our current digital marketing strategy.
  • Use a content calendar to create future product updates that align with product development.
  • Create repeatable, scalable marketing processes through automation.

Qualifications and Skills

  • An enthusiastic and passionate marketer who lives and breathes digital.
  • 2-4 years experience in a product-based company or any B2B SaaS company.
  • Know Salesforce and business/marketing process automation.
  • Must enjoy writing.
  • Experience optimizing all aspects of cross-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Understanding of SEO, SEM, AdWords, email marketing [drip marketing], Google Analytics, and LinkedIn marketing, and how these practices drive leads.
  • Well-versed in the world of marketing automation and a strong understanding of SEO and SEM.
  • Bonus if you’ve got experience with Google AdWords, display ads and video ads.

Why is our work important
Our apps provide our customers what they’re looking for with Events and Payments without being hard to set up. Most apps in our space take weeks to implement, ours take hours, and they work more flexibly, achieving significantly more functionality than our competitors.

IC (individual Contributor) or Management. We’re a 20 person team growing quickly. We’re at the precipice of the classic SaaS hockey stick growth chart and are now starting to scale, so those who produce will be able to define their own path. We deliver a bigger scope of your responsibilities than larger companies and your impact will be directly quantifiable to the success of the company and our customers.

Report to Director of Marketing

Onboarding Process
Work closely with many team members to learn different aspects of our apps over the course of many months, but you’ll be expected to start contributing content and learning the benefits and competitive advantages of our apps within a few days.

What the job will bring you
Master the world of SaaS and Salesforce Apps, share exciting insights with our prospects and customers, create and launch new and innovative campaigns, and get a deep level of satisfaction from being an important contributor to the growth of our company through marketing initiatives.

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