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My name is Claire and I run a blog about Kitchen appliances and recipes. We’re looking for native English speaker (US/UK) writers who can help us expand our site.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to write about the thing you love most – Cooking Recipes / Kitchen appliances!

These articles will include product reviews, buying guides, informational content, and how-tos.

You will be provided full instructions on how to write the various types of article: article templates, article brief & writing guidelines – so that you can focus 100% on writing the articles.

The position will start with 2-3 articles per week with room to grow beyond this if you can consistently deliver high-quality work.

Each post will be around 1200-4000 words long.

Your Responsibilities

  • NO deep research required, nor outlines, just to understand the topic
  • Write content that provides real value to readers
  • Follow closely the detailed brief, the writing template and the writing guidelines,
  • Work with the editor to make article revisions as required

Our editorial process

Our goal is to produce reliable content that people can trust – not just a rehash of the top Google results. This means every article or review is thoroughly researched by an editor and backed by scientific evidence (when applicable).

We do make sure that every post we publish goes through our strict editorial process to ensure everything is accurate and the tone is right.

It’s quite likely that in the first couple of weeks there will be a lot of feedback and editing required, but generally, once you get into the swing of things, that part should be minimal.


  • We pay $30 per thousand words or $0.030 per word.
  • Articles are to be submitted via Google Docs.

What you can expect

  • One of the worst things about writing jobs is that you always have to hustle to get new clients. This won’t be the case with us as we will have an extensive list of topics queued up.
  • Flexible deadlines.

Here’s what we expect from you

  • Must have at least 2+ years of writing experience.
  • Able to follow instructions and style guides closely. This is the key to success in this position
  • Must have kitchen-related writing samples (this can also be on other SEO affiliate content-related topics).
  • Native English speaker (ideally from the US/UK)
  • Capacity to write 2-3 articles per week (ranging from 1200-4000 words)
  • Knows how to use Google Docs, Grammarly, Email, PayPal, Asana
  • Must be able to openly accept criticism
  • Respond quickly to team communications and meet deadlines

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