KICK-ASS Website Designer/Animator

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If you’re a champion designer and know how to bring illustrations and website designs to life with animation, let’s talk.

First thing’s first, who are we, and what is WebRoll:

WebRoll is an up-and-coming market leader for producing amazing sales websites as a service. Our sister company LeadRoll is a 7-figure agency that gives us competitive advantage in how we sell. This means, we’re going to build something great, then when it’s time to launch into the public, we’ll be launching HARD and fast.

We’re looking for a full-time team member that kicks-ass and loves designing as a living, that we can groom into management.

Let’s talk about you…

You want to be a part of a startup that moves quickly, and you know what excellent looks like. You don’t take short-cuts, and you have natural-born talent that sets you apart.

When you start with us, you’ll begin by helping us build our WebRoll brand, our marketing/sales assets, our design collaboration process (leaning on Figma), and your contribution will have a deep and lasting impact on our organization.

Next, you’ll be our design lead. You know what great, high-converting web design looks like, and you can produce great designs fast, without sacrificing quality. You also know how to animate, so motion in websites is second nature for you.

You’re skilled in Figma, Adobe After Effects, Lottie Animations, Illustration Design, Website Design, Landing Page Design, Ad Design, and Sales Deck Design.

At your core, you want to CREATE, and excellence is your standard.

Once you become a seasoned member of our team, if you’re good enough, you’ll manage the rest of our growing design team. You’ll not only be creating, but you’ll be instructing and refining as well. Our less-talented designers will eventually utilize the custom UI Kits you’ve built for us, and your thumbprint will be on most everything we do.

About The Role:

This is full-time W2 work, so you’d be an employee of our company.

You’ll also be working 8am-6pm MST (-6/-7 Mountain Time) Mon-Fri.

We don’t care where your from or where you live, all we ask is that you’re “on” and creating during those hours, and that you speak English well enough to communicate with us without trouble. 😉

Next Steps For The Bold:

If you’re interested, go ahead and apply.

We’ll take a look at your portfolio, and ask a few questions that will help us understand you and what you’re looking for.

If you’re down for some fast-paced action, you can take feedback from clients and make their concepts a reality, and you can produce killer designs that stop people in their tracks, go ahead and apply, and we’ll talk next steps.

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