HR Specialist

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The human resource specialist is responsible for helping to build a team that is happy and effective.

The HR specialist will partner with the CEO, CMO, CTO and Head of Support on implementing the vision and strategy of the Hubstaff culture.

Must be extremely well organized.


– Onboarding each new team member into the company and making sure they go through the various required steps
– Maintaining annual performance reviews
– Admin to CEO / CMO
– Maintaining contracts and payment issues
– Interviewing and screening for various positions
– Providing correct access levels to team members
– Creating and implementing culture
– Owning the Hubstaff handbook
– Participate in the reviews of team members
– Planning our annual corporate retreat
– Working with various contracts inside the company and keeping HR records
– Own the team happiness KPIs
– Helping to build and maintain the culture at Hubstaff
– Report culture KPIs to CEO
– Bookkeeping experience a plus

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