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Job Description

Digital Harvest is expanding our team with additional software engineers and data scientists! We are a young company that applies remote sensing and data science techniques to solve large scale problems in the agricultural sector. Our customers are large growers and processors of food and/or industrial crops produced on hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland seeking to better understand resources, costs, and yield qualities and quantities.

Data of agronomic significance is fused to perform data analysis and visualization, feature extraction, and supervised machine learning to create predictive models for rapid use in the customer’s decision process. These projects start with a pilot project to demonstrate viability and transition to digital agriculture consulting and solutions development.

Digital Harvest is a growing company seeking individuals to grow with us, and seek to provide an environment of on the job learning to continue driving that growth. This is a flexible, fully remote position.

About You:

You’re naturally inquisitive and a prolific learner. You take the initiative to ask questions and find answers. You have a background that includes the following:

Familiarities preferred:

  • React (or another SPA framework, Javascript/Typescript)
  • Responsive layouts
  • UI/UX design
  • Python web frameworks (Flask + SQLAlchemy) or Django.
  • PostgreSQL or another relational database, SQL skills
  • AWS

Nice to Haves:

  • Geospatial data formats, standards, and operations
  • Python GIS libraries (gdal, ogr, geoalchemy2, fiona, shapely, rasterio)
  • Experience with remote sensing for agriculture and/or ecosystems

Essential Functions:

As a Fullstack Developer at Digital Harvest, you will have a major part in the development, design, deployment, and growth of the next iteration of our data delivery web app, on both front and back end. You will be working closely with the other members of the Software Engineering team as well as the Science team.

As part of establishing our data delivery strategies these are some initial functions within that role:

  • Create data-heavy interactive visualizations within our browser app including maps, tables, and graphs
  • Create interactive data uploading and downloading features
  • Design intuitive graphical user interfaces
  • Improve upon user onboarding workflows and guidance
  • Build and maintain responsive, memory-efficient designs that also work on older devices
  • Establish and maintain best code practice, unit tests, and CI
  • Communicates with internal and external stakeholders to gain business problem clarity, obtain consensus, and develop appropriate solutions.

Basic Requirements:

  • The ability to work effectively remotely

Location: Full-time remote work, flexibility on location.
Apply to: teammembers@digitalharvest.farm

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