Front End Software Engineer

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We are looking for a skilled and passionate Front End Software Engineer to join our Tech Team to build and scale effective software solutions. We are in need of an enthusiastic self-starter with deep expertise in dynamic and complex front end solutions in web and mobile applications.

What We Do

We work with niche companies in the US, Canada, the UK to restructure and automate their operation so that their businesses can grow 5-10x. We do that by effectively analyzing their business, streamlining their processes, and designing an effective automation solution that we then implement on our robust IT stack.

We make extensive use of technologies that help us accomplish results with less work — making everyone inside of our global organization more effective.

We heavily leverage:

Amazon AWS’s serverless technologies and microservices for our front-end, back-end, and mobile apps (Lambda, Amplify, Cognito, S3, etc.).

Zoho’s CRM and ERP Tools (Desk, Books, etc.).

Vonage/Nexmo-based telephony and communications solutions (Vonage Business Phone, Nexmo Voice/SMS, OpenTalk, etc.).

We are always looking for new technologies and welcome team members adding things to our technology stack so we can deliver more results more effectively.

What You Will Do

As an Engineer, you will be responsible for delivering the solution as per requirements put together by our Creative and Business Analysis Teams. Depending on your level, you will be responsible for either the entire project (with other engineers working in your project team) or for a part of it.

Your ultimate deliverable will be to effectively build a solution that will be implemented in the client’s business and run successfully going forward.

In doing so, you will:
Design and architect complex front end web and mobile solutions that interact with our complex back ends, CRM/ERP, telephony and other systems.

Deliver and implement your solutions.

Optimize your solutions for usability and performance.

Work with other back end and front end developers on the team to deliver the overall solution.

Do anything else you deem necessary to accomplish your result.


You are:
Responsible and driven by results.

Genuinely interested in technology.

Willing to learn, grow, and admit mistakes.

Able to communicate with other people on the project’s team effectively.

You have:

A solid knowledge of React (web and native) based front end development technologies;

Experience in building successfully implemented highly performing web app and mobile app front ends;

Experience with Typescript;

Experience with popular UI Component Libraries, such as Material UI.

Understanding of SDLC and Software Architecture.

Will be a good plus:

Experience with front end solutions that work together/embedded with CRM/ERP systems and live streaming technology;

Experience with tools like Amplify, Firebase, and other Front End oriented Cloud Technologies;

Understanding of basic UX/UI design principles.


What We Offer

Results-Focused Approach to Work

We do not look at people’s activities, the number of lines of code written, etc., as the measure of success. We look strictly at the results in effectively delivered products.

Results Based Compensation Schedule

There is base pay and project bonus pay. Base pay varies significantly by the Engineer’s level of ability and responsibility (Lead/Associate/Assistant) that the Engineer takes on projects – this level is reassessed after every project that the Engineer completes. Projects upon completion are rewarded with a bonus – bonus depends on the delivery of all requirements assigned to the Engineer, timeliness of delivery, rate of errors, and the amount of management attention needed in the project. Engineers who can deliver functional solutions that match requirements quickly and with little management action to correct errors get the best rewards and promotions in the organization.

Freely Arranged Schedule

You decide when you want to work. What we expect from you are results. There is a daily stand-up call — but outside of it, you can manage your schedule as you prefer.

Work as an Engineer, Not Just a Coder

Our Engineers work to build solutions and not just to write code. You will have freedom in how you want to architect the solutions you are making and we will heavily encourage initiative on your part.

Growth Within Our Organization

We are a dynamic and growing organization with a team spread around multiple continents. If you prove yourself as a responsible, driven and motivated individual, there will be opportunities for you to lead projects and manage tech teams.

Our candidate selection process is designed to assess people strictly by their merit. We do not make you go through a long round of interviews, instead, we follow a straight-forward sequence:

1. Job Application Form.

2. Online Skills Assessment.

3. Interview.

4. Paid Practical Assignment.

5. Evaluation and Offer.


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