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What if your work could have a positive impact on the lives of online shoppers worldwide?

What if you could improve the online shopping experience for your friends, family and millions of others? So that each time people buy a product or service from a brand’s website, they enjoy a shopping experience that’s completely personalized to meet their needs and desires?

This is what we’re making possible at ConvertFlow.

About ConvertFlow

Here’s the challenge: The marketers in charge of creating those personalized shopping experiences are technically limited. Running promotions, launching personalized experiences on their websites and routing data between the various tools in their marketing stack, burns ridiculous amounts of time while they code or wait on developers.

We’re on a mission to empower marketers to drive growth, without coding.

This means giving marketers the power to ramp up their performance, execute like a team twice their size and create personalized online shopping experiences that drive massive growth for the companies they work with.

ConvertFlow is the all-in-one platform for converting website visitors. With our platform, marketers can create, personalize and launch campaigns across their website that generate customers and grow revenue. Currently, over 15,000 marketing teams use ConvertFlow to take campaigns from idea to launch, without coding. This includes small business entrepreneurs and agencies who want to execute like a team twice their size, as well as marketing teams at enterprise companies who want to launch campaigns with the speed and agility of a startup.

As a front-end developer at ConvertFlow, you’ll build no-code tools that empower 15,000+ marketing teams, from freelance marketers to industry leading mid-market brands like Nectar, AWeber, Talkspace, and others.

About this role

So what will you do as a front-end developer at ConvertFlow?

  • You’ll develop, test and deploy new features for the ConvertFlow platform.
  • You’ll help refactor & organize code, write documentation, write automated tests and build workflows for front-end development.
  • You’ll work directly with product leadership to prioritize and plan projects for ConvertFlow’s ever-evolving product roadmap.
  • You’ll counsel and pair with your developer peers to level up the team.
  • You’ll help identify and fix ConvertFlow bugs in the app, as well as ConvertFlow bugs on customers’ websites.
  • You’ll provide technical expertise to team members, partners and customers as they integrate ConvertFlow into their company’s technical stacks.


You might be a good fit if…

  • You’re excited to help marketing teams at companies of all sizes, succeed.
  • You have 3+ years as a software developer building web applications.
  • You have a strong desire and proven track record developing interfaces with ReactJS, and are proficient with front-end languages (HTML, CSS, jQuery and vanilla JS)
  • You have basic knowledge of Ruby on Rails, are willing to learn how to navigate Rails apps and collaborate with Rails developers within a Rails-style workflow.
  • You’ve worked at startups and are disciplined at prioritizing, above all else, efficient work that delivers value to customers and drives business outcomes.
  • You write clean, well-tested code and value documenting your work for others.
  • You have experience collaborating with product leads, designers, and customer success.
  • You are proficient at working remotely, which means you have strong written communication skills, are self-directed, and have experience managing your own schedule..
  • You have a desire to meet with, and contribute feedback to, a startup team on a regular basis.
  • You have a general understanding of how online marketing works at small businesses. This means you’re familiar with the types of tools in a marketing team’s stack (WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, HubSpot, Zapier, etc.), as well as the outcomes marketers are trying to achieve with their websites (improved conversion rates / onboarding, email list building, driving sales, etc).
  • Your daily work schedule can overlap with Eastern time business hours (minimum of 4 hours).

Bonus points for the following…

  • You’re already an active ConvertFlow user
  • You’re interested in the eventual opportunity to manage a team
  • You’re based in North America
  • You’re based in the South Florida area
  • You have experience working remotely and managing your own schedule

Why take on this role?

You can have a major impact on our company:

Since its launch in 2016, ConvertFlow has grown into a platform used by 15,000+ marketing teams and agencies around the world, all while being powered by a small engineering team. Together, we’ll be able to shape ConvertFlow’s platform in ways that will reach new customers and serve its growing community, much faster.

You can help grow a product people love that solves big problems:

Each hour, as many as 100,000 people around the world engage with personalized campaigns crafted in ConvertFlow by marketers at small businesses, agencies and industry-leading companies. By eliminating the need for marketers to code or wait on developers, ConvertFlow gives them the power to create better buying experiences for online shoppers and drive massive growth for the brands they work with.

You can master your craft + gain new super powers:

Here at ConvertFlow, everyone wears multiple hats. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to double down on your strengths, while learning new skills outside of your expertise. Skills that can take your ability to craft engaging products to new heights.

You can join us at a magical time:

We’re a small team running a profitable company that serves thousands of enthusiastic marketers all over the world. And fortunately, we’re in the position where our customers pay the bills, not our investors. This gives us the opportunity to grow thoughtfully, have fun, take big swings and above all, focus on serving our valued customers. We also have the privilege of being a Techstars-backed startup, which means we have access to exclusive startup resources, a network of industry experts and world-class mentorship whenever we need it.

Work with an ambitious, resourceful team:

We’re taking on a big problem, in a big market, in creative ways. Because we play the long-game and tackle hard problems head on, we’ve achieved the scale of teams many times our size, without throwing investor cash at problems.

Life at ConvertFlow

We’re a small team that loves great marketing, design and products that make our lives easier. We’re building ConvertFlow as a distributed company. This means that working together online, outside of a central office, is our default.

We collaborate on projects using Notion and Github. Most team communication happens over Slack, and meetings are done via Zoom video calls.

Being a distributed company gives us the freedom to work wherever we’re most comfortable, without sacrificing productivity. This approach to work also allows us to optimize our own schedules around a healthy routine, focused work and work/life balance.


  • Work from anywhere (we’re a distributed team), as long as you have daily overlap with Eastern Standard Time business hours (9AM–5PM).
  • Work with a small team that’s ambitious and courageously punches above its weight.
  • Competitive salary
  • Healthcare, dental and vision
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Culture of learning and development with a training allowance
  • Monthly coworking stipend
  • Remote work gear (perks for home office, laptop, etc.)

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