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Freelance Writer in YouTube / Podcasting Space

A production company in the YouTube and podcasting space is seeking a freelance writer.

Our ideal candidates have experience writing “explainer” and “video essay” formats analyzing film, TV, and streaming content. They are huge film buffs with strong and heavily researched opinions on “nerd” content like Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Etc.

Preferably, these candidates also have a knowledge of other beloved properties and franchises, including horror films; Pixar films; The Walking Dead; Game of Thrones; The Boys on Amazon; the Harry Potter franchise; and popular high-concept sci-fi like the Matrix franchise, Blade Runner, Inception, the Alien franchise, and others. A comedic sensibility and background in comedy writing is preferred but not required.


  • Film Buff with strong opinions and knowledge on mainstream cinema and the craft of filmmaking.
  • Knowledge of “nerd” media like Marvel, Star Wars, DC, Stranger Things, Rick and Morty, Etc.
  • Experience writing “explainer” or “video essay” formats analyzing TV and Film.
  • Strong writing and analytical skills.
  • Understanding of research and copy editing.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines.
  • Expertise on digital platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and podcasts.


  • A link to a published sample in which you geek out on film or TV. A review, an analytical blog, a video essay, a podcast, an extended Reddit post, an in-depth Twitter thread, etc. NO acting or hosting reels. NO narrative scripts.
  • Resume

Ideally we are looking for movie super nerds. The people in their friend group who, after seeing a movie screening, rant for way too long about some minor detail that no one else noticed. If that is you, please send the requirements above to

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