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Do you consider yourself an expert in Psychedelics and Mental Health? Do you spend more time researching the latest psychedelic studies than you do with your family (woah that’s a little extreme…but you get the point)? Do your friends constantly come to you as their first port of call for all things Psychedelics? And do you love writing and blogging?


If you answered yes to these questions, then read on.


Electric Otter LLC is the parent company of two ground-breaking projects that will help shape the culture and conversation about Psychedelics.  We aim to provide readers with the most up to date, easy to read, educational content on psychedelics on the internet.  And we’re looking for expert Psychedelic writers who can help us create content for our site that will help people make educated, safe, decisions about psychedelic use.


This is an exciting opportunity for you to write about the thing you love most – Psychedelics!  Whether you’re an enthusiast or are an established professional in the Psychedelic realm, we want you to write for us. You’ll be covering a wide range of topics covering all the psychedelic substances, contraindications, effects, comparisons, trip reports, news reports on new scientific discoveries related to Psychedelics.


For this, we need a true expert – no fakers here, please! If you don’t truly have a passion for Psychedelics, it’s not going to work, I’m afraid.


Still reading? Great!


So, what’s in it for you? Not only do you get to make money from your passion, but you’ll also be part of a wider team that is driven to be of service to those seeking to improve their lives through safe psychedelic use. We’ll give you a consistent, flexible flow of work alongside world-class editorial tools to ensure you’re able to produce the very best content with minimal bottlenecks.


You’ll also get to be part of an exciting, growing project with a bright future and for which we have big plans in the pipeline.



Must have at least 3+ years writing experience

Must have Psychedelic/Mental Health writing samples



Competitive freelance rates

Consistent workload every week

Flexible deadlines

Stable work as part of a high performing team

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