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Primer is an established style and lifestyle website for men. Our history dates back 14 years and our practical, relatable approach has made us a trusted resource for many readers. We need to find three to four freelance writers in the men’s style category with the ability to produce between 3,000 and 6,000 words of quality, original content per month.

We aim to relate to the everyday guy who wants to look stylish while doing so in a budget-conscious and pragmatic manner. Our approach to style has nothing to do with buying the most expensive or designer pieces – sometimes, it’s an affordable $35 shirt that is the perfect choice.

Everyday, realistic brands such as Banana Republic and J.Crew come up often in our work, and we love finding stylish choices at budget-friendly options like Target and Amazon. For high-quality pieces that still balance price, we point to names such as SuitSupply, Buck Mason, Taylor Stitch, Huckberry, Spier & Mackay, Todd Snyder and more.

We aren’t interested in chasing this week’s trends. We see personal style as a long game, and something that is built by the individual over time. Our content uses personal stories and plenty of visuals to help readers build their own wardrobe and develop a view of style that will serve them for a lifetime.

Beyond style, we like content that helps the reader live intentionally in a hectic world, valuing reflection and self-growth over chasing what’s fast, trendy or popular. The audience we serve is predominantly men in the range of 27-44 years old, and 60% are married and either have or want children. The content posted to our site, while welcoming and inclusive to all, is targeted at this primary demographic.

What We Need

Our readers trust our site thanks to the hard work of many talented content writers and we need more voices! We’re seeking freelance men’s style writers capable of producing best-in-class content on topics such as:

  • Style Round-ups (“11 Spring Jackets We Love”)
  • Style features: Background, history, how-to-style for a specific item (“The M65 Jacket”)
  • Highlight menswear brands and what to buy/avoid from them
  • Creating copy for outfit inspiration posts
  • Style tips for making dressing well on a budget easier (How to pick the right boots)
  • Sale round up copy and picks (What to buy from this 60% off sale)
  • Encyclopedic guides (“15 Men’s Sweater Styles”)
  • Updating existing pieces
  • And on and on!

What’s Required

  • A real interest in men’s style and finding quality but affordable picks
  • Experience writing about men’s style
  • Availability and reliably making submission due dates
  • A respect for the time and trust of the reader
  • Tells us the founders of Buck Mason in the last field of the application
  • An ability to take assigned ideas and notes and create something well-written and authentic
  • Native English speaker
  • Proper grammar and an attention to polished drafts

First, you don’t need to be formally trained in fashion – that’s just not important here. What is important, however, is that you have a love of men’s style and you’ll enjoy learning as much as possible on the topics you are assigned. We want writers who appreciate style that stands the test of time, blended with an interest and awareness of evolving fits and aesthetics.

Our writers embed personality into their work without letting it get in the way of the information, readability, or SEO best-practices. A good piece for our site is one that is interesting, creative, informative, and easy to read. The backbone of SEO needs to be considered, with the appropriate format and structure in place.

If you are only interested in one or two areas of men’s style, for example watches or boots or suits, that’s okay – we’d love to hear from you about what you are interested in and what kinds of content you could bring to that space.

What’s in It for You?

  • Consistent assignments from month to month
  • Working with a chill, friendly team
  • Streamlined, no-meetings communication via Notion and email
  • Prompt pay for completed projects
  • Flexibility
  • Fair, competitive rates

The Process

To get started, please follow the link to our Google form to apply.

If we think you might be a good match, we will reach out to set up a paid test project to evaluate your work and how it fits our needs.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to getting to know you!

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