Expert Writer – Online Business/Entrepreneurship

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We’re looking for someone who’s well-versed in online business and entrepreneurship to join our team as a writer.

In terms of workload, it should be 2-4 articles each week in the beginning, but we do expect that to increase over time.

We’re looking for a writer that has experience in the field and has run their own online business before (Yes, this includes writing as a freelance writer)

You’ll need to be well-rounded as an individual and be able to write about a number of topics related to the fields below

  • Online business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software for Remote Workers/Online Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing


Must have at least 3+ years writing experience

Must have (3) writing samples related to the above fields that I can review

Pay Rate

Pay depends on experience, but we do have a reasonable budget for this and will pay competitive rates.


Competitive freelance rates

Consistent workload every week

Hands-off management style (Just get quality work done on time and you’ll keep us happy)

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