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Are you passionate about writing romance? Do you want to earn a consistent income?

If so, then this could very well be your next paid writing gig!

Job Overview

We are seeking experienced romance writers, who speak and write in native US English, to expand our fiction team in all romance subgenres. Selected writers will understand that ghostwriters are paid for the work they produce, therefore the work’s copyright transfers to the client upon payment. If you have experience writing a series, please mention this in your application.

We are a fast-paced, growing ghostwriting service, ready to provide you with consistent and exciting projects! We offer continuous work, all assigned by project managers, so you don’t have to apply, bid, or create proposals for each job.

You can work in the comfort of your own home or office or you can watch people at a beach-side resort which can provide excellent character development ideas.

The Company

Our brand is synonymous with high quality writing and great customer experience, but we continue to strive for more. Our online reviews are a testament to our values. Our team of writers work hard to make sure every client receives an outstanding experience from start to finish. In return, HGW is dedicated to keeping an enjoyable work environment and a productive working relationship.

We will keep your calendar full of exciting projects provided by a project manager while you write from the location of your choice.

Pay Rate

Earn between $375 and $2,225 per project depending on word count. Payments are sent weekly!

We do not charge fees. We do not collect a percentage of your pay. We do not ask for proposals. You write high quality and keep our clients happy. We manage your projects and you enjoy full pay for each book. You also receive additional pay for outlines and character development.

Our Requirements

We’re looking for a good basic skill level in romance writers. You’ll be asked to select up to three of your favorite subgenres. Please submit a sample doc, docx, or PDF file for each subgenre you select. If you’re successful, we’ll hire you to write in all three subgenres.

What We Need:

  • You write memorable romance stories with appropriate levels of tension and suspense, believable dialogue, and outstanding character development.
  • You understand, as a ghostwriter, that you will receive no official credit for the completed work.
  • You can write steamy and erotic heat levels.
  • You are a native English writer and speaker. All writing must be in US English.
  • You are a deadline-oriented freelance worker with a 3k-word-per-day pace.
  • You have traditional or self-publishing experience, or you have  ghostwritten in romance themes/tropes.
  • You understand what readers want, and you can write to market.
  • You have long-term availability. Our clients love for the same writer to create their series.
  • You are available throughout the day to respond to team members and client messages on our platform.
  • You are reliable, well-spoken, open to constructive criticism and a good communicator.

All content on applications and samples will be screened. You will be asked to submit a copy of your resume and photo ID if asked for an interview.

How To Apply?

Please click the link below to complete an application form and to upload your writing samples. If you’re a little unsure about your level of experience, please still get in touch. As long as you show an understanding of romance fiction in your answers and your provided doc, docx, or PDF samples, we’d love to consider you 🙂

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We receive numerous applications on a daily basis. Please allow at least two weeks for us to process applications.

Best of luck!

HotGhostWriter Recruitment Department


P.S. Have questions?

Contact us: [email protected]

(Please do not attempt to apply via email. )

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