Email Marketing Specialist

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We are looking to hire onboarding and email marketing specialist with a minimum of 4 years of work experience out of which at least 2 should have been spent working on a SaaS product. Prior remote work experience is a plus. If that’s you, then you will be responsible for the following:

  • Contextual Onboarding via in-app guides
  • Triggered Emails based on in-app activity
  • Drip Email campaigns to educate and nurture leads
  • Newsletters featuring product updates and announcements

You must have the following skills and know-how:

  • Strong knowledge about SaaS onboarding and email marketing
  • Excellent writing skills and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively via messaging
  • Ability to quickly learn how to use new SaaS products
  • Proficient in email marketing and other relevant tools
  • Obsessed with improving customer experience
  • Comfortable talking to customers to gather feedback

Besides the above, knowing how to use Integromat or similar tools is a huge plus.

If interested in any of the remote positions, email your CV to [email protected] along with a short note describing what makes you a good fit.

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