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We manage the content for some the highest profile B2B sites out there.

We’ve already assembled a team of writers to handle the demands of these sites, publishing over 80 posts per month.

But amazing blogs aren’t built on content volume alone. Every post also needs to be incredible. That’s where you come in.

We’re opening up our first full-time Editor role. You’ll be working with our team of writers to improve the quality of our posts.

You don’t need to worry about hiring, managing, or hitting content quotas. That’s all been put in place for you.

You have one goal and one goal only: improve the quality of every post as much as possible.

Your Responsibilities

  • Reviewing first drafts of new post posts, providing feedback to writers, and getting the post ready for publishing.

  • Improving the content of each post. Do we have the right recommendations? Do we focus on the right details? Have we synthesized everything for our readers? Are we giving visitors what they want? Each post should provide as much value as possible.

  • Improving the copy of each post. This is the quality of the writing itself. It’s much more than just following The Elements of Style. Does each word carry its weight? Does every sentence flow smoothly into the next? Are we communicating as clearly as possible? Are we being as persuasive as we could be?

  • We run an extensive update program on our live posts. You’ll be deeply involved in helping our writers find ways to improve posts as they work through updates.

How to Tell If You’ll be a Great Fit

  • This role will focus exclusively on B2B content like software buying decisions, how to create websites, marketing topics, etc. You should be excited by spending 100% of your time in this area.

  • You enjoy coaching writers. Your real long-term impact won’t be from maximizing the quality of each post, it will come from helping writers improve their own skills. This also means you know when to push writers and when to keep your feedback to yourself, a delicate balance for any coach.

  • You have experience with direct response copywriting. You should feel very comfortable with concepts like how to write compelling headlines, AIDA, hooks, CTAs, positioning, etc.

  • You have a long-standing habit of working on your own writing. It’s a passion of yours. You’ve devoured books on writing and regularly look for inspiration from writers that you admire.

  • You’ve had extensive experience with writing and/or managing blogs. If you were to write a blog post yourself, it would be an extremely high quality post. You know what a great post looks like with just a quick scan and know how to turn a good post into a great post.

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