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Freelance illustration/graphic design gig for creating digital greeting cards for a card-sending app.

Hi! We’re Goody, an app where you can send cards to friends. These cards are texted to their recipients and are accompanied by other cool experiences, but the cards themselves are sort of like greeting cards brought to mobile devices. We want them to feel expressive, fun, but refined and modern at the same time, bringing a bit of positivity to friends when we’re apart.

We have multiple occasions, like birthday, congratulations, miss you, etc., so each card should reflect the mood of each element. For most occasions, we like colors and a balance between fun and refined. Think of refined as the style of wedding invitations – modern and in-trend, but combine that with an element of fun – but not something that is too whimsical (for example, generally no clipart or illustrations of people).

We’re looking for a freelance commission of 4 of these to start, with an additional 8–12 depending on performance. This is a remote freelance gig.

I made our existing cards (see attached), and they’re based on somewhat of a template. However, I think it can be improved. It would be awesome to find a graphic designer or illustrator who can both create great cards based on this template and who might be able to help improve the design system of these cards.

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