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We are hiring writers with a track record of digital writing and an ability to produce well-written, well-researched articles.

Our company has a portfolio of websites in different niches, such as technology, beauty, etc.


We are hiring for the position of Content Writer.

You will work with a Content Strategist and also be provided with an article outline for each assignment.

You are responsible for educating yourself on the topic. A key skill needed is the ability to explain technical topics to a non-technical audience.

Communicating effectively with the Content Strategist to work through any questions or concerns is a key soft skill we look out for too.

If you join us, you will get your own author byline, Grammarly Premium, and perks like a monthly bonus.

As a team, we want everyone to grow together. You will get actionable feedback on your writing to help you improve. If you win, we win!

In our portfolio, we have websites that average a few million pageviews a month, so rest assured that you are joining an established team with good processes.

If you think you will be a great fit, prepend the word ‘present’ for your answer when asked, “Briefly explain why you are a great fit for this role.”, in the Application Form below.


  • Able to work with an outline and a style guide
  • Able to write concisely that is  easy to read on the web
  • Able to break down technical topics to a non-technical audience
  • Able to back up claims with authoritative sources
  • Must be savvy enough to do appropriate research on topic


  • Detail-oriented. Able to follow a set of written processes.
  • Responsible. The writers set their own deadlines. It is their responsibility to adhere to them.
  • Respectful.
  • Communicative.
  • Open to giving and receiving constructive feedback.


Each article pays out a flat rate that ranges from $75 – $250.

An article payout is determined based on:

  • the article’s difficulty level
  • the number of research hours needed
  • the writer’s rank

We don’t pay by word count. You write as little or as much as you deem sufficient for the topic. We do have a MAX word count limit as a soft checkpoint to know that you are not veering off-topic.

However, sampling from our current batch of writers, you can expect $0.062 – $0.12 per word.

There is also a monthly bonus of up to $300.

Payments are made immediately after the work is submitted and reviewed.

The entire payment scheme will be shared at the end of the interview.


Our current ranking system for writers:

  • Junior Writer
  • Senior Writer

They can choose to change to an Editor or Content Strategist track.


  • Mutual trust and respect
  • No micro-management
  • Open communication
  • No abusive language and attitude are tolerated


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