Dialogue writers for interactive novels (romance)

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SWAG MASHA is an international mobile game dev studio behind a highly successful interactive novel app – Love Sick (available on Google Play and App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/love-sick-interactive-stories/id1450264153).

The app has reached over 20 million installs worldwide, released in 15+ languages, building a huge fan base across the globe.

We are seeking talented romance authors who would share our passion for storytelling and join the team to create interactive story-driven games.

Selected writers will be paired with an in-house editor and will be responsible for writing interactive novels based on a detailed outline provided by us. The budget is roughly $4-6K for a book. We sign an official copyright agreement, set up a milestone plan, and get you and advance payment to start writing. This is potentially a long term collaboration, we’d love to continue after the first novel in case both sides are happy with how things are going.

Please apply per email [email protected] with your CV.

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