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Our clients are ambitious, high-impact CEOs, founders, and execs. They have started 100+ companies, raised billions in venture capital, taken companies public, worked in the White House, invested in Facebook/Uber/ Airbnb, run professional sports teams, Governor of US states, and compete in Ironman races and the World Series of Poker.

They’ve joined Athena to get more leverage, more impact, more success, and more time via their relationship with their top 1% Philippines-based Executive Assistant. They are world-class humans who want to get world-class at delegation.

The Delegation Coach will own the delegation coaching experience for Athena clients, ensuring their success in the first 90 days. You will coach clients, refine the onboarding experience to help them delegate 10x more, provide feedback to the product and operations teams to improve their services, and build a path for clients to follow to become world-class delegators.

High-level Responsibilities
  • Coaching: Create a coaching program that helps our clients delegate 10x more.
  • VIP Experience: Ensure a VIP experience for our clients in all aspects of their delegation coaching journey, from the welcome email of the 10x delegation training to the 1:1 coaching for established clients who want to deepen their delegation skills
  • Drive Innovation: You help drive innovation in the larger team by providing feedback on where clients/EAs are succeeding and where they aren’t.

Specific Projects
You will test, build, and optimize these initiatives.

  1. Coaching: How do we set our clients up for success?
    • Develop: Create a coaching program that drives 10x delegation as quickly as possible for our clients.
    • Understand: Deeply understand client needs, preferences, and feedback and use these data points to improve the coaching program.
  2. Client Hospitality: How do we make our clients feel VIP?
    • VIP experience: Create an end-to-end VIP coaching experience for our clients, adding touches of surprise and delight throughout the client experience.
    • Fix: Proactively and reactively identify ‘worst’ experiences during coaching, dig into root causes, and prescribe solutions ranging from new processes, to EA training, to new product rollouts
  3. Track: Monitor client-EA partnership health, intervening when there are performance/ quality issues

Your Metrics
These are the metrics you will own and optimize.
  • Client utilization: Improve utilization, helping clients learn how to delegate to leverage their EA for more hours
  • Client happiness: Measure client NPS or PMF, and continually drive improvements
  • Client referrals: The happier the clients are, the more they refer new clients

Your First 6 Months
In the long-term, you will build and optimize the entire delegation coaching program. Our clients want delegation coaching, and we have lots of ideas for how to deliver it (email, weekly video sessions, ongoing 1:1 text, etc). Your first focus area will be creating a game plan for our delegation coaching program, and then testing all our best ideas. You’ll get your hands dirty by doing the coaching yourself as we test various programs, and once you’ve built something our clients love you’ll hire a dedicated delegation coach to run the ongoing day-to-day.

About You
  • You are a peer of our clients
    • Come from a background similar to our clients (startups, tech, ex-founder, etc)
    • Are a natural spokesperson and ambassador with our clients
  • You are world-class at delegation
    • Have deep personal experience with 10x delegation
    • Can coach clients the art of delegation
  • You have experience building programs in a remote setting
    • Know how to set a vision and then execute and build
    • Positive, fun, someone we’re excited to work with
    • Can work independently but also strong at working across teams
  • Bonus: You have VIP hospitality experience
    • Ideally have experience with high-end hospitality
    • If no experience, at least understands and has taste for VIP experiences

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