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The Hustle is a fast-growing digital media company that provides smart business insights and analysis to an entrepreneurial-minded audience.


We’re looking for an experienced copy editor to ensure clarity, eliminate verbosity, and serve as the last line of defense against inaccuracies in our daily business email, which has more than 1 million subscribers.

The ideal candidate will have experience working as a copy editor and fact-checker in an editorial environment. Must be familiar with AP style, have a strong understanding of business and technology issues, and be comfortable working on daily deadlines.

We’re looking for someone to work Monday and Tuesday nights, typically between 5 and 8pm ET. A sense of humor, including a deep appreciation for Keanu Reeves, is helpful but not required.


We’ve built our business through three primary services:

The Daily, our witty, no-nonsense weekday email, and The Sunday, our long-form Sunday newsletter, which deliver smart takes on business and tech news to more than 1 million loyal subscribers. We also have a thriving events business that connects an entrepreneurial-minded audience with the world’s most successful business founders.

We recently introduced a subscription email service, Trends, that highlights emerging business trends and how entrepreneurs can capitalize on them.

We’re also experimenting with other digital products to meet our audience’s needs.


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