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The review site is expanding and we’re looking for a copy editor to strengthen the team for 10 hours per week, though we expect the workload to grow quickly.

Although experience in any of the areas we cover would be great, we’re exclusively hiring someone that can edit copy to an acceptable standard and at relatively good clip. Just to make this very clear: we’re not looking to hire an editor who will also write for us, you’ll work only at the copy desk. We’d prefer someone with a few years experience, of course, but if you’ve only worked for a college newspaper or something, just apply anyway and we’ll take a look.

The rest of the team will be handling the instructions for each article as well as checking the actual content, while you’ll edit the language of everything that comes in. You’ll be the first point of contact of the editing team and will also be required to provide feedback to writers. This can be tough at times, so we’ll need someone who can communicate well.

We’re looking for someone who’s willing to work within the guidelines that we’ve already set (basically AP style with some idiosyncratic flourishes) and, like us, prefers fewer words to many and dislikes the trend of using big words where little ones will do. We have a calm and clear tone and have a strong aversion to the marketing style and sales-y tone usually found on the internet.

If you’re interested, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you. If you don’t hear from us, you probably included a few spelling or grammar mistakes in your letter, which is an automatic disqualifier. We work exclusively in Google docs, so please either give your Gmail address as your contact details or let us know whether you have a customized one. If it’s not clear to us that you use Gmail, we won’t get back to you, either.

The selection process works as follows: you fill out the Google Form we’ve linked to below, provide the info we need, then, if we like what we see, we’ll get back to you. We’ll give you a short piece of questionable quality to edit and then do a short interview over Skype after if we have any questions.

The benefits of working at — it’s not all toil, don’t worry — are a decent, quickly paid salary, a friendly editorial team and relative freedom to plan your workweek as you see fit.

We’ll be paying you around $20 per hour for your trouble, though we’re willing to negotiate upward for people with some solid experience.

We look forward to seeing your application come in. We’ll start going over the applications from Monday, August 31.

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