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Website owner seeks experienced content writers to produce blog-style informational and review articles for the web, covering a wide variety of topics.

This a long term and on-going opportunity, writing 10,000- 12,000+ words per month.



The work will typically consist of two distinct types of articles, depending on what we need from you at the time, supported by a very detailed brief;

  • Informational Articles: Articles that serve to answer questions and search queries that people type into Google.

How to ABC … Why does my ABC do XYZ … When Will I ABC … How Can I XYZ …

  • Buying Guides and Product Review Articles. Articles that look to assist the reader understand the pro’s and cons of product or set of products,  along with buyer’s guides, such as;

Best running shoes for women” and “best gaming chair for ps4”




Someone who;

  • Has an engaging and witty voice.
  • Readers can easily relate to and are likable.
  • Can entertain readers while being highly informative.
  • Is able to truly teach and give over useful information in a friendly, enjoyable way.


  • Fluent or native English speakers, with excellent written English.
  • Must be able to produce high quality, long-form content that is accurate, and information rich.
  • Exceptional online research skills with the ability to write an article on any given topic, even those they have little to no experience in.
  • Able and willing to include links out to authoritative sources of information from within their written text, to back up important points made, and to give credit where it’s due where information was found.


NOTE: The content we need requires only internet research, you will NOT be asked to do any outreach, read books, magazines, or interview anyone.



  • Someone who can produce anything from 3000 to 12,000 words each per month (depending on your availability and our content needs).
  • Individual articles will be anything from 1000 words to 5000 words each, so we’d be looking for people who can create anything from 2 to 6 pieces each per month.



  • No ‘SEO posts’, Clickbait, thin content listicles, or other low-quality content
  • Agency applications (We want to work one on one with actual writers only)



  • We will pay you a rate per written word
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Willing to make changes based on editorial feedback (we usually find very little change is needed though, due to the detail in our briefs and writing instructions.)
  • We own exclusive rights to the content, it must not be used, shared, or published in any other way.
  • We are open to accepting both ghostwritten work, or publishing under your name if you have relevant authority and experience to add to a credible bio.

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