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Hey there! We’re a men’s style and lifestyle website that shows guys how to dress well and feel confident no matter where they’re headed.

We’re looking for a few awesome freelance writers to create new content for the site as well as revamp and update published articles.

We have a loyal readership that’s always looking for great content from us, and we need your help creating more!

Topics we’re looking to cover:

  • Watches
  • Everyday Carry
  • Cigars
  • Men’s Accessories

Types of content:

  • Buying Guides (Top 10 Seiko Watches under 40mm, Best Cigars under $10)
  • Product Reviews (Rocky Patel Connecticut review, Carl Friedrik Slim Wallet review)
  • Brand Reviews (Oris watches review, Aer bag review)
  • How-To (How to Wear Rings, How to Store Your Ties and Pocket Squares)
  • General Guides (What Should Be In Your Everyday Carry, A Guide To The Different Types of Cigars)

You can check the site out here:

About this writer / contributor position:

  • This is a long-term position for the right candidates
  • Fully remote, work from wherever
  • Flexible working hours, just let me know your general availability
  • You’ll have regular writing assignments, between 1,000-3,000 words/mo
  • You’ll be paid within 72 hours of submitting final version of your work

More about our process / style:

  • We have an ever-evolving list of content topics, you can pick what you’re most interested in writing about within your subject of expertise
  • Our writing and communication style is very friendly and chill. No unnecessarily big words or long sentences. We’re like the cool uncle or older brother you turn to for advice.
  • All communication is done through email, Google Hangouts Chat, and Asana (everything text-based, no meetings)
  • The apps we use most: Google Drive, Asana, and WordPress

The IDEAL candidate:

Has experience writing about and working knowledge of the subject matter. You don’t have to be a master-level expert or professional, but you shouldn’t be a complete n00b, either.

For example, I don’t expect a cigar writer to own a cigar shop.

But if you enjoy the occasional cigar a few times a week, have your favorite brands and sticks, know the general terminology, and can properly cut and light a cigar, that’s perfect.

Actually enjoys the subject matter! Because we’re a men’s style and lifestyle website, you’ve got to have an appreciation for men’s style and lifestyle topics, especially the topics we’ve mentioned above.

I want that passion and excitement to shine through!

Specializes in only one topic. I don’t expect you to know everything about all the topics mentioned. If you only specialize in watches, or just cigars, all good!

By the way, you don’t have to be a man to be passionate about the topic (women are welcome to apply), you just have to know the subject matter well and be able to write about it in an engaging way.

General candidate requirements:

  • You have to enjoy the menswear and men’s lifestyle niche
  • You must have substantial experience with and a solid understanding of at least one of these topics: Watches, Everyday Carry, Cigars, Men’s Accessories
  • You have to be US-based and a native English speaker
  • You must be on-time with deadlines, punctual, and responsive via email and Hangouts Chat

Writing style requirements:

  • You must be able to write in a casual, friendly tone, like you’re giving your younger brother or nephew (who looks up to you) a few tips and pointers
  • You must have impeccable spelling and grammar. Sure, we’re chill and colloquial and ish, but spelling / grammar is still important
  • You need to know how to follow a formatting template. We have a few template styles on EG so that all our content is uniform
  • You should know how to research a topic to come up with informed points of view, to fact check, and to have outbound links that support your article, if needed
  • What does Rolex make? Just one word. Tell me in the very last field of the application

Technical requirements:

  • You must have a working computer with internet access
  • You must be comfortable working in Google Drive and WordPress, and at least be open to learning Asana and Google Hangouts Chat (they’re easy, don’t worry)
  • You should have a PayPal account (to get paid)

Why work with EG?

  • Tons of writing opportunity for you
  • You get to flex that creative muscle and write about topics that excite you
  • We’re flexible, you can work when you want, from wherever you want, as long as deadlines are met
  • Plenty of opportunity to write for us long-term
  • We’ll pay you quickly!

Interested? Apply here:

We’ll be asking all qualified applicants to produce a sample (paid) article. We’ll provide the topic ideas, templates, and general guidelines once we get to that stage.

Thanks so much for reading! Can’t wait to hear from you.

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