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I am looking for 1-2 writers to join my content team to ghostwrite content on a website and authoritative resource helping people learn about buying and growing cannabis around the world.

What I’m Looking For

I’m looking to hire 1-2 writers who can ghostwrite and contribute a minimum of 3-4 articles @ 1500-1800 word per post per week (so about 8,000 words per week) in the cannabis niche.

Our Ideal Candidate

  • Has experience with cannabis cultivation buying (and growing) seeds in different countries
  • Understands how climates affect growing cannabis strains around the world
  • Can do research to fully understand these topics where they don’t have personal experience
  • Can be flexible and adjust to the needs of the business quickly
  • Asks questions when they don’t understand something
  • Can handle critical feedback and adjust accordingly
  • Is tech savvy (i.e., understands Google docs, wordpress, etc)


My budget is .05/word but can increase depending on your experience with cannabis.

Average article length will be 1,500 words with some 2,000 word articles and the occasional 4,000 word in-depth guide.

Do You Need To Have Cannabis Experience?

Yes, it is required that you have experience with cannabis cultivation.

How To Apply?

Please submit your application within the following Google form:

I move fast in our process and am motivated to fill this position quickly.

Please include any experience you feel would be relevant for your application.

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