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JobScore is a mature web-based “applicant tracking system” that is used by employers to run the hiring process from start to finish. Our product has been in the market for over 10 years. The product is designed to be used by every member of a hiring team including recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, executives and rank-and-file interviewers.

About the gig

We are rebuilding our activation experience and training materials from the ground up. We have already identified the core personas and the experiences we want to train them on. We even have a rough outline of the lessons we’d like created and what needs to be in them.

We are looking for someone who has experience creating self-service training and activation materials including checklists, in-app tutorials(using a platform like Appcues or Walkme), videos and long form help center articles.

We’ll be asking you to be the “owner” of the activation and training experience for our platform and compose most of the written content yourself. We will supplement your awesome talents with resources to do visual design, motion graphics and video editing.

We would prefer that you work at least 20 hours a week on this project in the first month to kick things off. We anticipate the project will last many months. Our founders are based in San Francisco, CA (where we have an office) but most of our team members work remotely every day – and we’d be happy to have you do so as well.

There is no target pay rate for this project, if you feel qualified, send us your portfolio and rate!


  • Make somewhat complex & powerful things seem simple and easy
  • Make every experience more enjoyable and entertaining
  • Polish established lesson outlines
  • Write scripts and storyboards that will be used by others to create assets
  • Write longer form instructional materials using the “screenshots with captions” pattern
  • Use progressive tools and tech to make awesome things quickly
  • Have a point of view and defend it, preferably using logic

Required Qualifications

  • Copywriting is your craft. It has been for a while. Other people have said your ability to write concise, entertaining copy a “super power.” Your mom counts.
  • You enjoy working independently and remotely. While check in meetings are fun and all, you are good at actively listening to quickly gather the information you need to deliver results that impress.
  • Your work speaks for itself. Most of your interview process will be us reviewing your portfolio of work and you asking us questions. We’re looking for someone to create work product that is as-good-or-better than the best work they’ve ever done in your career
  • Previous experience creating entertaining-and-useful training materials for a business or consumer software company. This isn’t your first rodeo creating content to make it easier to learn to get the most out of a software product.

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