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Be part of a special organization whose passion and culture are all about its patients. Contribute to helping our patient communities have a better quality of life. Learn about healthcare. Learn about rare diseases. Learn about publishing. Learn about research. Grow personally and professionally through direct engagement in how we deliver our services. Bring your passion to advocate for those living with rare diseases. Help spread awareness about the daily challenges that most will never have to face. We live our culture. Join us and make a difference. Work remote in most circumstances. We are very proud of the fact that we employ actual rare disease patients who contribute to our business.

Who is BioNews

BioNews Services is a leading online health, science, publication, and research company that exists for one purpose: to serve the patient living with a rare disease. We do this by connecting them with current, trusted, and relevant news and information. This content is delivered regularly and provided by actual patients as well as professional journalists, writers, editors, scientists, and experienced media executives. Our end customers are truly patients living with rare diseases.

Our Company Culture:

BioNews has a professionally led culture that is based on our foundation to support individuals affected by rare diseases. This means we operate as a professional organization that includes a real-life Vision, Mission, and Values. We treat our associates as professional individuals. In a professional environment, we understand and believe our actions are better when done professionally through processes that include communications, strategic planning, business planning, organization development, leadership development, learning and development, performance management, and other human resources processes. We practice consultative management and value collaboration and firmly believe that “none of us is as good as all of us.

BioNews Vision

Be the preeminent, leading-edge resource and provider of education and actionable information to help improve the health and quality of life for individuals affected by rare diseases.

BioNews Purpose

Provide individuals affected by rare diseases access to highly engaged, interactive information and communities that help improve their health and quality of life.

Values: R.A4.R3.E3. C2


Characteristics of people we’d like to be part of our team

Passionate about our culture. Engaging. Flexible. Interested in learning. Wants to be part of a growing, learning organization.

Job Opening Details:

BioNews Services, a digital news company dedicated to creating communities for patients with rare diseases and their caregivers, is looking for members of the Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) community to join our freelance staff of patient and caregiver columnists on SMA News Today.

Columnists at BioNews Services are patients with chronic and rare diseases, or their caregivers, who write at home of their daily experiences, concerns, challenges, interests, adventures, frustrations, and joys their everyday life for others struggling with the same disease. Topics can range from experiences with treatments or socializing to difficulties readjusting to the give-and-take of each day. In other words, experiences that will speak to your readers.

Please note you MUST be a member of the Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) Community–patient or caregiver–in order to apply for this position.

We are looking for a columnist to write one column per week, or twice per month. Ideal is weekly. After a column is written, editors spend 45 minutes to an hour editing the writer’s work. All columns are reviewed with a critical eye by professional editors who will work with columnists to smooth rough spots and help the columnist grow as a writer.

What we look for in a Columnist:

  • Diagnosed patient or caregiver to a patient within the rare disease or disorder site you are writing for.
  • Excellent written communication skills. A proven ability through established publications or a blog to write well and communicate thoughts clearly is a definite advantage.
  • Ability to produce accurate and detailed content in a competitive environment.
  • Openness to communicating needs or problems to editors in a timely fashion.
  • Willingness to accept changes and feedback to columns made by editors, and openness to discussing differences in a professional manner.
  • Openness and ability to learn new technologies to meet the changing demands of online publishing, and to upgrade current skill set.
  • Flexible in working in a self-directed, rapidly changing environment.
  • Attention to detail, responsible, and reliable.
  • Experience working in digital media a plus.

Some Guidelines we give our Columnists:

  • Work with editorial department to create content for external audiences on specific disease-related sites.
  • Deliver stories as per publishing schedule for assigned site(s).
  • Generate stories meant for patients and caregivers.
  • Send out content documents to editors and coordinate with them for suggestions and final approvals.
  • Stay current on industry trends for possible opportunities to attract new readers or create stronger, more engaging content.
  • Write a column at an agreed-upon frequency that discusses aspects of life in the sphere of chronic illness and disabilities. Columns should aim to inform, raise awareness, and share non-medical advice.
  • Revise writings as requested by editing team.
  • Meet deadlines as appointed by director of columns.
  • Communicate consistently and frequently via the platform app Slack.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Content Creation
    • Create written content of 400-800 words that is relevant to disease of specified site, weekly, or twice-monthly.
    • Revise content when necessary.
    • Adhere to company columnist policies listed in Columnist Handbook.
  • Communication
    • Read all handbooks, instructions, and announcements thoroughly.
    • Respond in a timely manner to editors, human resources, and directors of columns.


Experience Required

  • At least three months’ direct experience with SMA.

Knowledge Required

  • Fundamentals of how SMA works.

Skills Required

  • Effective use of computer technology.
  • Strong writing abilities.

Abilities (including physical) Required

  • Strong grasp of the English language.

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