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We’re Codeless, an SEO growth and content production agency that partners with highly-visible, well-known, digital-first and digital-native brands and companies to bring about growth through high-quality, original content.

We’re currently looking to hire a group of experienced freelance writers with demonstrated expertise in creating content within the intersections of SaaS, Business Communications, and HR/Recruitment. This is a very unique opportunity that will require a dedicated focus on creating content at scale, across a number of job roles and countries.

Translation: If you’ve got the writing chops and the passion, get ready to roll up your sleeves, dive deep into country-specific research and statistics, and nerd out about market trends, talent management, and the nuances of regulatory considerations.

Does this sound like your jam? Good — because you’re in the right place. Read on for a bit more about the project — and then we’ll give you all the deets on what you’ll need for a successful application.

About this opportunity

The project itself is high-volume and fast-paced. You’ll be completely dedicated to the creation and production of several 1,000-word pieces for the next 1 to 3 months. And if there’s a fit and you want to stay on once the project wraps, there’s also the opportunity of continuing to bring your talent, passion, and expertise to other Codeless Clients.

The pieces you’ll work on provide readers with a high-level, country-specific look at certain job roles within that country’s current employment market.

Some these countries include (but are not limited to):

  • The UK
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • United States
  • Portugal
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Italy

…and more.

If you’ve got knowledge or expertise about recruitment practices, employment/labor laws, employment market trends, and role-specific employment considerations within these countries. Note that this knowledge and/or expertise can come from your own, first-hand operations in these roles or through your past experience writing for these markets and countries.

Besides the ability to take a curious and investigative outlook when approaching, you’ll need to have the natural patience, attention to curiosity, and desire to source and creatively use authoritative, high-quality secondary sources and research to craft original, authoritative content.

Now, this required expertise doesn’t mean you need to be an absolute expert in a particular country’s laws and regulations, nor have direct, first-hand experience with it to write with authority, clarity, and insightfulness.

While it’s an added bonus (and you’ll have the opportunity to indicate to us that you do have this background!), we think that a truly strong and successful Writer knows how to maintain a balance between engaging SEO writing and technical or niche expertise.

Finally, the 1000-word articles will also call for a keen understanding of the audience you’ll write for. The projects come with everything you’ll need to be successful, including:

  • Clear, specific content templates with guiding instructions.
  • A robust Writer’s Guide packed full of brand information, positioning, audience guidance, value prop details, and more.
  • A team of dedicated Editors and Production Specialists dedicated to ensuring you’re on the right track and are receiving the support and coaching you need nail copy without heavy edits.

Core skills: the must-haves that will ensure your success…

For the project, specifically:

  • Subject-matter expertise as demonstrated by a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, OR, 3+ years’ industry/relevant writing experience.
  • A strong and demonstrable knowledge of country-specific regulatory considerations for specific job roles (think, compliance, licensing, or certification requirements for a Data Scientist, for example).
  • A portfolio of published pieces that demonstrate past experience writing for SaaS, Business, and/or HR/Talent Management-related publications, businesses, and/or brands.
  • Robust and well-honed research skills, with a clear understanding of what constitutes high-quality secondary source material and how to cite these accurately.
  • Previous experience working either in-house or within an agency as a Content Writer or Copywriting Specialist (with a portfolio of strong, well-written pieces that demonstrate this).
  • Some experience or knowledge of operating within a production environment and the various stages of creation (Research, Outlining, Writing, Revisions, etc.).

Working at Codeless:

  • A desire to formulate best-in-class writing skills, a willingness to learn from feedback and implement for progressive improvement, and an openness to working in a collaborative, communicative manner.
  • Thorough understanding of SEO writing techniques and best practices — in other words, balancing search intent, readability, and originality.
  • Impeccable and consistent commitment to meeting deadlines (and an understanding of how essential ongoing communication is for Client production).
  • Know-how and skills to navigate and translate Project Resources like a ninja — you can swiftly move through a Writer’s Guide, product details, brand information, and Content Briefs with discernment and an attention to detail.
  • A genuine passion, excitement, and desire to use content in order to help a brand’s audience meet a very real need — storytelling for brands feels like the best “day job” in the world as far as you’re concerned.
  • Professionalism, personal ownership, and resourcefulness when seeking solutions.
  • Comfortable working with collaboration & PM software (ClickUp, Slack, Google Docs, Lastpass, Loom, etc.)
  • At least a 7.5k weekly word-count capacity (up to 15k)

Note on availability and capacity: If you’re applying for this position, you’re essentially saying that you’re available for the full (or close-to-full) word-count capacity for the next 1-3 months. We’re serious about dedication and immersion here so, if you’re not able to commit to this period, please do not apply.

Additional certifications or education

While we don’t have strict certification or educational requirements, many of our candidates do have competencies and skills in common and we prioritize a combination of work experience and education background that demonstrate a fit for this project.

However, it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach and some of our strongest, longest-standing Writers have unexpected, unique, and entirely divergent backgrounds.

These Writers bring a mix of their unique backgrounds and past professional experiences creating high-quality content for Clients to create engaging and original articles aimed at conversion goals. Ultimately, that’s what counts most.

If you have some or any of the items below, that’s great — make sure to highlight that! The only non-negotiable we have is a portfolio of published pieces that demonstrate some of the requirements noted above.

  • Any HR/recruitment/talent management certifications or courses/ConEd/Prof Dev. certs and/or courses in Compliance-related niches
  • Smart Blogger certifications
  • Copyhacker certifications
  • Any digital marketing or content marketing courses/certifications
  • Expertise/niche-related certifications/education that align to the needs of the project described

The Hiring Process

  • Complete the application form in full and include links to no more than 4 recent examples of published content (ideally related to and demonstrating past experience in writing topics for the niches noted above). Google Docs with links or Personal Blogs won’t be accepted.
  • A member of our team will review your resume, portfolio pieces, and application questions.
  • If your published samples align with what we’re looking for, we’ll get in touch right away
  • Next, we’ll ask you to write a short sample piece — it’s quick ‘n’ dirty, no more than 350 words. In, out, nobody gets hurt.
  • What we’ll look for: The Test Sample is pretty simple — we’ll assess the quality of your unpublished/unedited writing, your experience around creating an outline based on a brief, and your ability to perform competitive SERP research to support your work).
  • After reviewing your test sample, if there’s a clear fit, we’ll send you an offer and get you cleared with pre-boarding and onto onboarding as quickly as possible.

A few additional items to be mindful of…

  • No interviews are required!
  • On the application form, please only pick ONE country you’d like to write for. Duplicate applications (applying separately for more than one country) WILL be deleted.
  • If you’re hired, we’ll provide you with a clear writing process, support documentation for every Client, and an awesome editorial team!
  • We’re a virtual, remote company. There are no official work hours or vacation days. We’ll treat you like an adult who wants to get better every day and trust that you will hit deadlines. Or, at the very least, we’re relying on the fact that you will communicate about any snags, blockers, or potential issues that could cause delays as early as possible. In return, you can work wherever/whenever you want!
  • The project you’ll be a part of is super-engaging, directly tied to a gearing up initiative by our Client, and is a fantastic opportunity to be a part of something big.
  • All content is ghostwritten.
  • Payments are made on a monthly basis. Note that, at this time, we can only work with Writers who are based in one of the 137 countries serviced by If you are not able to accept payments via (i.e., your country is not on the list), please do not apply.
  • We’re pretty flexible and casual, but we only accept high quality work. We’re not going to micromanage, so you need to be a responsible self-starter and a fast learner with a high level attention to detail.

Please address application items to Sarah Sher, Managing Editor. Thank you for taking the time to apply! We seriously can’t wait to meet you, create a mutually beneficial working relationship, and have you bring your talent and passion to this incredible project. See you on the other side!

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