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What is Wisely? Wisely collects moments that matter and enables restaurant operators and marketers to connect with their guests in a way that makes them truly feel valued. Our waitlist, reservations, table management, marketing automation and guest sentiment tools harness data to foster more meaningful human connections in the hospitality industry. We’re carving out our place in a new tech sector … Authentic Intelligence.

Position Overview

Wisely is emerging as one of the fastest growing and most innovative SaaS companies in the tech and hospitality industries. Our unique brand positioning and brand awareness are vital to our success and growth. The Wisely Marketing team is looking for a highly skilled Brand/Visual Designer to help lead the continued development of the brand’s visual identity across all channels. The next phase of brand-building will offer opportunities and challenges to a hungry Brand/Visual Designer (generalist) looking to grow, direct, and influence what’s ahead and, ultimately, the Wisely brand legacy.

Wisely’s Brand/Visual Designer will…

  • Draw on 7+ years of past professional experience as a Brand/Visual Designer (and be proud to share an impressive portfolio of varied project examples—websites, videos, apps, presentations, campaigns, social, events, collateral, brand guidelines, and more)
  • Be an expert in all programs in the Adobe Creative Suite, Figma and have experience working in Google Slides and Docs (pulling in graphic treatments to enhance what’s possible in the native tool)
  • Think like a brand manager/owner/inventor and obsess over how the Wisely brand shows up at every single touchpoint—striking a balance between consistency and imaginative execution
  • Confidently dive into any project, leveraging a base of proven frameworks to achieve the desired end-goal(s)
  • Possess a true understanding of how to craft and execute compelling storytelling through content across mediums (social, slides, webpages, charts, graphs, gifs etc.)
  • Create, follow and update set brand guidelines (with flexibility to expand the Wisely brand identity)

The right candidate will be…

  • A true artist—who lives and breathes creativity and draws inspiration from a variety of sources (cinema, music, science, Insta, history, news, photography…wherever!)
  • A hyper-collaborative team player who has a strong creative voice and vision—and can eloquently speak to design decisions/rationale
  • Someone who gets things done—there is no ego when it comes to projects both big & small, everything touches a client/customer at some point (internally and externally)
  • A risk taker—pushing past the obvious and building/making something you love
  • Ever-growing and evolving—part of being a brilliant creative is giving feedback but also receiving critique—as well as experimenting and learning across new mediums all the time
  • A master of many skills with a willingness to get scrappy—and a strong ability to prioritize work and resources based on short- and long-term needs (timelines, budgets and priorities change—and we need someone who can roll with it)


  • Self-starter—able to take information and run a project autonomously while keeping key stakeholders in the loop
  • Ability to translate design systems & brand style guides across multiple platforms
  • Proven success working across digital and physical channels
  • Skills: Sketch, Figma, Webflow, Brand Guides, Illustration, Presentation Design, Google Suite, Iconography, Adobe Creative Suite

Not required but nice to have:

  • Experience at a high-growth brand with a lean team / experience with designing startup app brand identities
  • Previous role collaborating with product design teams
  • An obsession with food/restaurants/hospitality
  • Experience working in Webflow (must-have is a willingness to learn)


  • Salary & title commensurate with experience


  • Competitive Salary
  • Health, vision, and dental insurance, plus 401K
  • Flexible work environment


More About Wisely

Our Vision

Everything we do revolves around the belief that personal interactions make people feel valued. Our products bridge the gap between customer data and customer experience.

Who are we? Our founders broke performance records at Accenture. Our product designers and engineers cut their teeth at brands you’ve likely heard of (*cough*)—Adobe, Apple, Homebase, Duo Security, and many more. Our Client Experience team members were transformational leaders at Emma, Lyft, One Point, and Barteca Restaurant Group. Our Sales & Marketing teams leveled up at Condé Nast, American Express Publishing, and Thomson Reuters. We even drafted a Data Scientist from Dominos (self-driving delivery cars, anyone?). Together, we have lived lifetimes in restaurants. We’re a team of future startup founders and execs hellbent on leaving the world a better place than we found it.

What’s it like to work with us? We believe in thriving, not just surviving, throughout each work day. We laugh, we have fun and we know when it’s time to buckle-down and get sh*t done. We possess an unquenchable curiosity. We think critically and courageously. We know there is no substitution for hard work. We are humble. We earn trust. Our true north star is to serve our clients as they serve their guests. If that hits to the core of who you are, we can’t wait to hear from you.


Our Values:

1. Begin and End with our Clients in Mind

We do the work required to deeply understand our customers. We invent solutions that exceed expectations. We serve them like they serve their guests.

2. Think Critically and Courageously

We understand all sides of an issue. We parse complexity to find the details that matter. We propose specific solutions to spur conversation and thought. We run toward fear.

3. Plan Clearly

We don’t settle for plans that can work, instead, we build plans that can’t fail. Our plans go well beyond the target. We are clear about accountability and responsibility.

4. Communicate

We are direct, honest, clear, and empathetic with our communication. We listen to and seek to understand differing views. The sender isn’t done until the receiver receives it.

5. Get it Done

We just find a-way. We know there is no substitute for hard work. We evaluate ourselves and others by actions.

6. Own the Outcome

We always do the very best that we’re able. We create the environment needed to succeed.

7. Evolve and Improve

We acknowledge and change assumptions that no longer serve us. We raise the bar with each cycle through a process, with each promotion, and with each hire. We sift for gold in every feedback opportunity.

8. Earn Trust

Our clients and teams count on us when it matters the most, and we keep our word. We act in the interest of the greater good.

9. Approach Every Day Positive and Confident

We know we’re on this planet for a short time. We do the work required to approach every day positively and secure in ourselves. We laugh and have fun.

We are proud to foster a workplace free from discrimination. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and backgrounds will lead to a better environment for our employees and a better experience for our clients.

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