Biology Content Author (Contract)

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“The Biology Content Author is responsible for writing clear questions and solutions of varying difficulties, which test students understanding and application of concepts in Biology. They will author hints, solutions and feedback that provide insightful diagnosis of student mistakes and misconceptions and coach students toward mastery.”

Major Responsibilities:

  • Writing clear, engaging questions which test student’s understanding and application of concepts.
  • Authoring hints and feedback that anticipate common student errors, provide insightful diagnosis of their misconceptions, and coach them toward mastering the material.
  • Creating solutions to these questions that are complete and concise.
  • Inputting the questions, hints, solutions, and feedback into the software.
  • Providing clear, concise feedback to other contractors in order to correct errors of content, spelling, grammar, and/or pedagogy.

Required Skills / Knowledge:

  • Strong knowledge base in Biology
  • Experience teaching Introductory Biology for majors and non-majors
  • Ability to write conceptual questions
  • Experience writing original homework and/or test questions
  • Strong computer skills including the ability to quickly learn new products and technology
  • Recent experience teaching Biology and tutoring for Higher Education

Education Requirements:

  • MS or MA in Biology, PhD in progress will be considered


  • 10 – 20 hours per week


  • Remote




Masters or better in Biology or related field.



1 year: Recent experience teaching or tutoring college biology or closely related subject


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