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Are you looking for ongoing and exciting work?

Come get ongoing and exciting work opportunity with our company . We are a content marketing agency with a range of B2B technology clients and we’re looking for a content writer rock star to work with us on an ongoing basis.

This isn’t a “one off job”…

If you truly are a rock star and perform well then you will be working with us on an ongoing full-time basis…

We will brief you well, be available for questions and pay on time – every time.

Here’s the description of project –

– Produce content based on the content calendar for our B2b Software, Technology and SaaS customers.
– Submit unique, well-researched, high-quality content of 750-800 words every day along with supporting visuals and stats. Example posts:
Example 1 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Owl1Dt6sAE1h7PatJHx9wFZrxkSFbJ_AfnyHgfKwNWo/edit?usp=sharing
Example 2 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H_tsJIcldbd9OTSqw6w_sTKtPeEz2V5_evEeuTrev40/edit?usp=sharing
Example 3 – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rZkDeKPaXQCqP-hLS7Trw6flQAzUEt-RDaUBrYTJo0o/edit?usp=sharing
– Produce content based on customer requirements and our strict quality guidelines.
– Writing style to be conversational, fun, and engaging.
– Incorporate editorial comments and customer feedback if any.
– Publish content on WordPress/Hubspot blog.
– Collaborate with our remote team of editors and content managers to deliver content on time in accordance with customer requirement.

Here’s what we are looking for, is this you?

*You are a versatile writer who can research on a wide range of topics and produce high-quality content.
*Well-versed with blog writing skills such as headlines, copywriting skills, conversational tone, different types of articles, etc.
*You know how to hook a reader, engage him and make him read one line after the another.
*You will be happy to write on topics outlined by the company as well as submit your own ideas.
*You are keen to research topics outlined by the company when required.
*You have skills in keyword placement.
*Excellent communication skills ( Email, Skype, phone)
*Can provide past proof of work similar to this
*Can start working on new projects immediately
*Can deliver work FAST and on a deadline

Competitive payment based on your skills, experience, and expertise.

If this is you then please apply for this exciting and ongoing opportunity by submitting this brief questionnaire at below URL:


Once you have applied we will personally read each and every single application so please make sure that you make a decent effort…

If we believe you’ve got what it takes we will message you – So please remember to check these.

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